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ACC-logoLiving Your Best Life Animal Communication Certification Programwith Sandy Rakowitz

If you haven’t yet noticed, there is a HUGE TREND taking place among people with animals who are seeking insights directly from their animals along with complimentary solutions. This movement is exploding…and people are looking for YOU!

Live Your Best Life Animal Communication Self Study Program Includes:

IntuitionSo you can integrate this work into your home life, and within Animal Care Professions, Learn more ways to make a significant, positive difference in the lives of animals, and experience the fun, wonder and magic of talking with animals.

Living Your Best Life offers a high level of training in a Self-Study Format. This program was recorded live with a small group of compassionate animal lovers like yourself who dove into this program.

This was originally a live course that included in depth mentoring within each and every class. The mentoring is not part of this self-study version – that is why it can be made available at this significant savings. HOWEVER, you get to benefit from the in depth mentoring that did take place.

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Skill development, personal and professional growth are at the core of this program to help you develop a strong strategy and foundation of animal communication and heart evolving life skills in connection with your spiritual purpose, and your animals.

Listen to this recent talk where Sandy speaks about Animal Communication and uses in daily life, along with some of the program details.  (wait 5 seconds for recording to begin.) 


Animal Communication Training
Program Details

7 Core Curriculum Classes with Modules Focusing on:

Also covered:

This program is SO much more then just animal communication….

Living Your Best Life Self-Study program is offered in multiple formats for easy learning:

Plus these Bonuses!

You get over 20 hours of classroom learning, at your own pace!


Awaken Animal Communication LIVE Weekend Workshop Event

‘The Birthplace’ of Living Your Best Life Training & Mentoring Program

Whether you are just getting started with animal communication and holistic healing modalities, or ready to advance to your next level, this combined private, individual, 1:1 coaching program, combined with the group support and training curriculum is designed to give you a super charged boost in skill development, accountability and experiences.

This program is for those who are being called to the forefront of the Animal Communication and Holistic Care Movement.

Learning these skills helps bring out your personal strengths while assisting you to develop a strong strategy and foundation of animal communication and life skills – while developing your connection with your spiritual purpose in relationship with animals.


Live Your Best Life
‘Animal Communication’ Program
  (originally a 7 month training program) is now available as a self study course!

ON SALE for 7 DAYS ONLY then the program goes back in the vault!

If you love learning, love animals, want to deepen your bond together, understand your animals more fully, explore your connections with nature, domestic and wild animals, and trust yourself more this is the program for you!

This is the ONLY time to get the fully comprehensive program for this special 50% off price. This program will be divided into multiple programs at a much higher investment, so if you want the full Certificate Program, join now!

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How does the self study program work?   Once you register with payment, you will be sent access to the entire Living Your Best Life Animal Communication Program of classes.  You have 24/7 access.  Listen to classes, watch the webinars, practice right along with each class. Progress at your own pace from the convenience of your own home or where ever you set up your computer or tablet.  Use the handouts and action sheets to help you focus.  Download and listen to the MP3 recordings over and over – take them on vacation, listen to your heart’s content.  And, don’t forget to invite your animals to join you!

Emily has been taking these classes so she can better understand and better help one of the rescue dogs, Hewey, she has been helping to take care of and who has presented many behavior challenges.  Hewey was barking alot, very anxious with a high amount of energy, and who pulls on the leash when walked – with all of his 100 pounds.

After only four of the Live Your Best Life classes she was able to identify how she was sensing information, she was able to have conversations with Hewey to better understand what was going on, from his perspective, and began to problem solve the issues with Hewey.  She found out about his experiences when he was anxious, and in what situations he felt calmer and happier.  

Emily found out when he was barking, he was alerting people – trying to let them know when he was anxious.  He was saying he needed something to change and that he wanted out of his situation.  Barking was his language to get attention.  

Hewey was saying:  “HEY, come and get me!  I DON’T LIKE THIS.  I am scared.  Pay attention to me, GET ME OUT of here.  I want to run, I want out of here.  Help me. Come get me.  I don’t like this.”  Can you feel Hewey’s anxiety?

When he was pulling on the leash, Emily discovered that what he truly wanted was simple: He wanted to run.  He wanted to GO, anywhere.  He did not understand why he was on a leash, nor did he care about the leash! He was concerned with one thing – movement, he wanted to run and be free.  She found out he didn’t even understand that the leash was in place to keep him safe – or why he needed to be kept safe.  

The general information we take for granted as humans – that leashes keep the dog from going to certain areas, why it is important to keep the dog with us – isn’t automatically known with dogs.  

Understanding Hewey from this perspective, hearing and feeling from him was helping Emily to understand why he was behaving as he was, and gave her a new way to work with him. She realized that he wasn’t just being ‘crazy’ or even unreasonable.  

Hewey said his favorite thing to do in life was to run free, play, and explore.  He conveyed what that felt like in emotions, pictures, and with the sheer pleasure of moving unencumbered.  She got a new appreciation for his need to move around, and how his lack of understanding about leash walking, combined with his love of movement was impacting all his behavior and was showing up as anxiety and barking.  

Instead of feeling frustration at his behavior, she better understood what was making him tick, his motivations for his behavior. She was able to begin explaining why humans were asking him to be on a leash.  This was a beginning step to problem solving and negotiating behaviors with him.  

She began helping him see from a human perspective why people were asking him to do the things they were doing.  Why he was being kept inside and why he was on a leash for instance.   She experienced more calm from him during these communications.  Time will tell how his barking, pulling and other anxious behaviors will change with this new understanding – from both directions.

When you feel heard and understood, do you feel better?  Does that in and of itself help you feel calmer?  Even if not all the details are ‘fixed,’ just knowing that you are understood, and you have gotten across to someone is helpful isn’t it?  Then you can begin more of the problem solving and negotiating your way through the situation.  That happens for the animals as well. 

In this case, both Emily and Hewey felt relief in understanding the situation and each other.  Imagine after taking the entire series how much calmer, more understood, they will both be feeling.

Join us to experience more understanding with your own animals.  Click here to join.  

To Living Your Best Life, with the Animals You Love, and your ever deepening!
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About Sandy Rakowitz…

Sandy is the founder of where she has guided and trained animal lovers, animal care professional and those seeking self-empowerment through her content, products and certification programs.

She specializes in Animal Communication, Energy Healing with people and animals, Tellingon TTouch, Essential Oils and channeled holistic healing methods, including her Creative Journaling process and the Awaken Animal Communication Method.

She empowers people to access and develop their natural intuitive instincts and psychic abilities, while awakening their life purpose, along with the animals they love and have loved.


What people saying about Sandy’s work….

Beth GlassThis work has deepened my ability to commune with my own deepest, true self.

Sandy is an amazing teacher who steps away from her ego and teaches me not how to do things her way, but how to find MY way.

Journaling has been an emotional release for me, as well as a recording of my spiritual journey, I had never done the creative journaling that Sandy teaches before, though once upon a time, it was my artistic self that I thought to be the truest part of me.

This summer I set up a craft area for my grandchildren when they were coming to visit. Who’d a thunk the purpose might be for me?

~ Beth Glass, Wheelersburg, OH

Gained confidence to communicate with her own dog and the dogs of her clients.

I enjoyed this Animal Communication class very much. It has given me the confidence to communicate with my own dog and the dogs of my clients so I can help them. I liked that Sandy shared her knowledge and experiences with us. I liked the exercises we did together. I love the fact that she goes deeper into the soul purpose with animals and integrates this with aspects of animal communication.

~ Barbara Iwanga, Pet Sitter

Results were immediate, measurable and able to be repeated.

This course was Very Important – even more then I thought possible. I liked the step by step approach best. The results were immediate, measurable and able to be repeated. I learned a lot, more then I anticipated.

Sandy’s teaching style is that she’s approachable, informative and nonjudgmental. The lessons I learned will become part of my care program.

~ Becky Poisson, Dog Trainer, Tellington TTouch Practitioner in Colorado

Jana WagnerI learned to live from my heart and to trust myself. I feel like I can do anything.

Sandy is amazingly patient, intuitive and kind. She really knows how to get to the “heart” of the matter, literally, and she can help you get there. She has helped me believe in myself and my natural talents. That it is more than ok and safe to be your best self.

Through coaching with Sandy, I have faced myself and my fears, work through them, which is not so scary after all, and come out the other side. I have learned new animal communication techniques with Sandy, but I have learned SO much more than my expectations ever imagined.

Sandy is real and genuine. I think she is the first person I have worked with that makes me feel like I can, and will do anything I put my heart to. Most of all, I have learned to live from my heart, and to trust myself. In this, I feel like I can do anything.

~ Jana Wagner, Animal Communicator

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