Animal Communication MasterClass
June – August 2022 Resource Page

Zoom Link is always:
Meeting ID: 863 8175 5760  Password:  Connect

Please have your video camera on.  Invite your animals to join us each class so they can listen in and hear what we are doing.  They will learn alot also.  Have pen and paper ready for each class.  Preferably a journal dedicated to this class so all your notes and experiences are in 1 place, easy to access.

Scroll down for Replays and Assignments, and additional Resources spoken of in class


8 weeks – from 10-12 PST on the following dates below

Classes 2- 8 are all at 10am – 12 noon Pacific

  1. June 30, Thursday & July 2 
  2. Tuesday, July 5
  3. Tuesday, July 12 – CLICK HERE For Class Handout
  4. Tuesday, July 19
  5. Thursday, July 28
  6. Tuesday, August 2
    Saturday August 6, 10-12noon Pacific
    Q&A/ SHARE/Catch-UP/ Creativity Connection/ come prepared to collage, paint, doodle
  7. Tuesday, August 9
  8. Tuesday, August 16

I look forward to helping you create more of what you do want to create with your animals and in life!


What’s Next in Animal Communication:
Take part in Building Momentum with Animal Communication and make more progress, continue developing your skills with this Practice Group & Course.

Specifically designed so you can continue practicing communicating with each other’s animals.  This will be twice a month so you can continue practicing with more of your animals, get coaching, continue the momentum you are gaining, keep gathering together with an engaging community, continue developing your skills, get more coaching, and go deeper.  Also Includes 1:1 private session with Sandy.

Practice is the #1 thing that will build your skills.  Use what you have been learning, continue to develop your skills while gathering together in support in this world of heart-mind-body-soul learning with the animals.

The Animal Communication Practice Course will meet for 9 classes:
2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month @ 10am – 12 noon pacific

Starts with a Bonus Class on August 31
September 14, 28
October 12, 26
November 9 and 30th – NOTE NOT the 23rd
Dec. 14, 28

AC Practice course –  1 payment of $295 for 3 months
  if paid by August 10 – (save $80)

Or AC Practice course  – 3 payments of $125 for 3 month course

The Practice Course will then Continue in January on the 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of the month.  You can join ongoing, or for 3 months. Let me know if you want the ongoing option.


Schedule Your Private 1:1 Session
As part of the Course, you each have a private, 30 minute session available for you
go ahead and schedule this before the end of the course using this link – next to your name – please put AC Masterclass to Identify this session is through the course.

Online Calendar link


Two Upgrade options for additional Private 1:1 Sessions – special for this class

1) 4 Private 1:1 sessions (50 Minutes each) use through August
$697  – Must sign up during July to get this special
Click Here for 4 Privates before end of July, 2022

2)  3 months unlimited sessions (up to 8 sessions a month & 18 sessions in 3 months)
$1111 per month (save $1500 a month)
Plus, if you sign up for unlimited privates, use coupon code AC297 to deduct $297 cost of AC program – Coupon can only be used during July.
Click here to sign up for 
unlimited sessions
To deduct cost of Animal Communication Course, use coupon code AC297 in check out



1. The story of Anne and the Asian Elephants (50 Min.)   Click Here to listen to Anne talk about her experiences with the Asian Elephants

2. Heather, The Whale Dreamer (1 hr. 3 min.) – Click Here to Meet Heather – Whale Dreamer

3. Creative Journaling – Here is a special e-Book – only available through this course on Animal Communication
Even if you feel like you do not have a creative bone in your body, don’t like to write, just give this a try.  The 10 steps outlined walk you through a process that most who take my animal communication courses absolutely love, and find incredibly beneficial as they deepen their connections and communications with animals.  Start this before we begin classes if possible.
Use this Link to open and download the Creative Journaling e-book:

4. Activating Your Heart & Soul Connection with Animals – A Journey with Mosha the Elephant. Click Here to Watch (58 minutes)
Download the accompanying Activating Your Heart & Soul e-Workbook – Click here to download

Additional Resources Spoken of in Classes

Join the One Heart University private FaceBook group community – free  – please join us to view the mini masterclass in healing, stories of transformation, tips and tools with animals and people.

Continue to Unbridle your Creativity  in a 4 class series for you
Explore the energy, light, color and shadow of what your heart has been trying to tell you in this online series.   Your Heart has invaluable, intelligent information.   This is an incredibly powerful class series for discovering what other wisdom is desiring to come through you into your conscious awareness. 

Get the Ancient Oak Tree Wisdoms Book: Click Here
Channeled messages from the Consciousness of an ancient oak tree grove.

Register for Online Class for Horse Lovers – Click Here

Watch Short Video for Horse Lovers Click Here

CLASS 1: July 2, 2022/ Saturday – Eagle’s View

CLASS 1 Assignments: 
1) Send in 1 photo by Monday, July 4 of 1 of your animals who wants to participate in class to help you all learn more animal communication skills.  Send via email to
Include this info only:
1 Photo of 1 animals – looking forward into the camera is preferred
Your Name; Their Name; Species; Age; Spayed-Neutered or not

2a) Use Flow Writing learned in class for 5 minutes a day to tap into the experience of What you Do Want To Create More Of with Your Animals (also as learned in class)
2b) Hone Your Intention for the Course to 1-3 words – getting to the essence of what you want to create
2c) Play with this intention for each day – see what starts to happen, what do you notice happening?

CLASS 2: Tuesday July 5 – Sensory Listening

Class 2 Assignments for Sensory Listening
1) Practice Sensory Breathing as taught in class with tracking senses, and 4 count rhythm

2) Practice Sensory Listening with all 7 senses with 1 (or more) of your own animals as taught in class today as if you were meeting them for the first time – work from a photo or in person
-You can also listen to the recording and practice over and over from the nature and animal photos in class
– 1) Kinesthetic
– 2) Emotions
– 3) Intuition
-4) Heart – love connection – relationship
-5) Hearing – Smell – Taste
-6) Seeing – Visual – Literal or Symbolic
-7) Direct Knowing – Overall – Whole Sense beyond normal senses

3) Affirming Your Sensory Listening
For each sense – write down in the affirmative – Keep acknowledging and affirming for yourself – Keep going.

“Yes, My kinesthetic sense felt this, this and this….”
 “Yes, I sensed these emotions _____, _____, ____.”
“These are the Intuitive Senses I got…
etc. for each of the 7 senses
Write and speak this often: I HAVE RECEIVED ALL THIS Sensory INFORMATION

Remember the Tips from today:
1)  Continue to write out Intentions.
The only limitations are those you place on yourself!  (Self doubt – questioning = limit)

2) Give self permission to let go of being perfect, not good enough.  You can still excel as you let yourself go.

3) Be Braver and braver.  Dare to share in class. Get every drop of support you can in class.


CLASS 3: Tuesday July 12 – AC Steps & Open Ended Questions
Replay Link:

Class 3 – Handout to use in class – Click here – 5 Animal Communication Steps & Worksheets

Class 3 Assignment
Practice with 1 or more of your animals.  Use the worksheet to help you focus.  Set your timer for 5 minutes (or 2 minutes if that seems too long)
– Ask yourself before beginning – what do I most want to feel, or create through this today?  Write it down.  Examples could be: Confidence, trust, delight, more kinesthetic sense, etc.

CLASS 4: Tuesday, July 19, 2022 – AC Steps, Infinity Breath, Clarifications & Validation

NEW Handout for Class 4 Click Here

Class 4 Assignment: Practice Infinity Breath with your own animals

Additional Resources spoken of in class:

Get the Ancient Oak Tree Wisdoms Book: Click Here
Channeled messages from the Consciousness of an ancient oak tree grove.

Register for Online Class for Horse Lovers – Click Here

Watch Short Video for Horse Lovers Click Here

CLASS 5: Thursday, July 28, 2022 – Clarifications & Validations
New Handout for Class 5:

Replay Class 5 – Clarifications & Validations

Class 5 Assignment: You can practice skills with your own animals, watch replays, practice with friend’s animals if you ask them to practice with them.

CLASS 6: Tuesday, August 2, 2022 – Body Scans
New Handout for Class 6:

Replay Class 6 – Body Scans

Class 6 Assignment:  You can practice skills with your own animals, watch replays, practice with friend’s animals if you ask them to practice with them.



Bonus Class: Saturday August 6, 2022 – Two Replay recordings

1. AC bonus class sharing (35 Minutes)

AC Bonus Class – Creative Soul Collage Process & Sharing (1hr 40 min)

CLASS 7: August 9, 2022

Class 7 Worksheet:

Class 7 Assignment

CLASS 8: Last Class – August 16, 2022

Class 8 Closing, What is next