Learn Animal Communication

Awaken October 3 - 4

Open Your Animal Communication Abilities
and Intuition with Essential Oils


Learn a Step-by-Step Animal Communication System
Enhanced with Essential Oils So You Can Genuinely Understand What Your Animals Are Saying To You!
Make More of A Difference in Your Own Animal’s Lives, And In The World With the Clear, Proven, Step-By-Step Awaken System of Animal Communication at the LIVE Event.

Gain Experience, Tools, Skills & Strategies To Put Into Action at Home with Your Own Ani
mals and In Your Animal Care Professions


This Event Is For…

Everyday Animal Lovers;
The Spiritually Minded Animal Lover;
Animal Energy Healers; Animal Communicators;
Pet Acupuncturists and Chiropractors; Vets and Vet Techs;
Animal Rescue and Shelter Helpers; Dog Agility Enthusiasts;
Groomers; Dog and Horse Trainers; Cat Behaviorists;
Equine Facilitated Therapists; Riding Instructors;
Dog, Horse & Cat Show Competitors;
Essential Oil and Animal Specialists;
Aspiring Animal Communicators;
Farriers and Hoof Trimmers…

…And, Anyone who wants to tap into their intuitive and psychic skills


Jana and Toby EO Retreat-crop

Unlock and develop your natural intuitive and psychic abilities to deepen your bond with the animals you love.

Learn Step by Step to enhance your ability to listen to, hear, and respond to your animals, deepening into a profound communicative relationship that goes beyond words.

This transformational event can reshape your view of your animals and yourself.


Are You Tired of these Problems?

Tired of Not Having Solutions?

…understanding what is truly going on inside your beloved animals, so you can…
…Directly from YOUR animal’s experience and viewpoint!!!
You Can Access The Root of Your Beloved Animal’s Problems…   And Find Solutions…
…With The Help Of Your Animals!

Pretty cool right?
YES, This IS Possible!

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We all have intuition and the ability to go deeper within ourselves and with our animals.

Lisa and Zoey EO Retreat sm

You may already know that you have healing gifts and the power to open yourself to powerful high-sense-perception.  These are the abilities to sense feel, hear, think, and intuit in ways that go beyond the normal sensory system. 

Even if you have doubts, you may still sense an inner longing to connect to something greater than yourself, and that You Do have the ability, even if it has been hard to access.
I want to help you awaken, open, connect and develop the psychic and intuitive abilities you have within yourself – that I know in my heart you already have!
Here’s How You Can Awaken, and Unlock Your Natural, Intuitive Animal Communication Powers so you can access the root of your animal’s problems, with your animal’s help…

I Am Here to Tell You…

SR Conscious Life Expo crop

I am confident that each and every one of you has the ability to be more in tune, open, receptive, and more able to improve how you communicate back and forth with the animals you love… and that you can have an even deeper understanding with your animals. 
Imagine a life where you could really understand your dogs, cats, horses, birds, fish, turtles…  
Imagine how the world could change if you understood what the animals are telling you.
Did you know…your animals want you to understand them?
You already have the abilities and the desire. 

 You can cast away doubt and take an important step forward into enriching your partnership with your animal. 

At the end of these two days, you will be amazed by how much you have learned about your animals and yourself.   All you need is a little guidance, support, and training.


Here Is Why I’m Holding This 2-Day
Animal Communication Event Calledawaken
On October 3 & 4, 2015:

I have spent over 30 years deepening my connection with animals. Over that time, I developed effective ways to explain the “nitty gritty” of animal communication. One-on-one, in groups, and in events like this, I have helped countless people believe in their abilities and put them into action. And, I’ve helped people open into their natural abilities even when they were unsure if they had them.

With time, I came to my own understanding of animal communication.
And so can you.


This Event will Help You Become Empowered and Closer to Your Animals 

In this event you will

Brinney  EO Retreat crop

Receive Heart-Centered Mindfulness Training to help you quiet your mind to:

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Jana Wagner, Animal Communicator & Coaching Client spoke with her dog Toby about the impact animal communication has had for their relationship:
Jana-Toby“…It was not until I spent the time listening to Toby, my dog, that I began to feel the depth of love he has for me. I’m still crying it was such an awesome feeling. He told me somewhat profound things but when I connected with his earth self, I mean that’s what it feels like, his present form rather than the sort of etheric voice I often hear when doing a reading, this was more from his own heart. The depth of love I felt was unlike anything I have felt before. The words don’t really do it justice.

He said, “She knows me more fully, she knows right away what my needs are. She knows me. My true self. Our connection is stronger, deeper, more joyful. I am patient with Jana, I only want what’s best for her. Trust and joy are what’s best for her. In doing what’s best for me she discovers what I want for her.” He also says that now we are more like one instead of two. He also said, “Our work together allows me to teach, love and trust. Our work/communication together allows me to show, teach and tell Jana about the joy that life is. To live with a full heart.”

His exact words were, “Living fully, a full life comes from living from your center, from your heart. Full is not a quantity, it is a quality of living that you need to feel and understand. Love fully with in yourself, teach fully. That’s my job, to teach fully.” He showed me what a full heart feels and looks like, it filled my entire being.

Most of all he wants you to know that in learning to listen fully, that has been the key, listen fully with all of your very being, every last part of your being.

I asked him what his experience has been since I began ‘listening to him’ – and communicating with him during training classes, and asking him for help generally. When I ask him this question, I see a picture of him breathing onto my neck, he says, feel the breeze, it feels like this when you begin to listen. Hear the breeze? That’s me. Those chills you get? That’s me. He says that now I can feel his support. That was huge to him, that I could finally feel and recognize his support. He keeps saying, “It’s a quality of living. Living from the heart is quality living.” And he can live more fully now too.

Then, since I’ve been so distracted with packing and moving, I turned and looked at Toby and asked, “Are you ok? Is everything ok with you? Am I paying attention to your needs and Stella’s? How am I doing, I’m so distracted, I need to focus.” Know what he told me? He very calmly looked me in the eyes and replied, “Practice makes perfect.”


You May Be Wondering…Why Learn From Me?

My mission statement:

“To cultivate the deepening of our connections with ourselves and our animals on all levels for individual and universal evolutionary expansion and growth.”


I am living proof that the strategies of the Awaken Animal Communication System that I have developed and teach do indeed work.


Let Me Open Up, and Share More of My Story


Many people ask me if I could communicate with animals growing up as I do now….I did not discover the path to animal communication immediately in life.  

As a child, I was not aware of “speaking with animals or hearing their thoughts.”

As a teenager, I gradually found I had a special way with difficult horses.  I then developed a highly successful horse show career where I first won at the local level, then awarded state championships and continued with many championships on the “A Circuit”.

In my late 20s, after training horses professionally and teaching riding for over a decade, I purchased a 5-year-old thoroughbred off the race track. Everything I knew up to that point that had been successful in training horses was not working with Ibis. 
I did not know how to reach into the depths of the heart and soul of this horse and find the kind of ease of performance and magic I had previously been able to find and develop with many other horses. 
I bought Ibis as a lesson horse to teach other people riding. I didn’t realize the real lessons he would teach me was going to be a whole new way of being within myself.  I sure didn’t get that he’d provide me with the experiences to develop a whole system of communication and healing!
Our teachers come in many forms, and one of my Master Teachers came in the form of this being in a horse body named Ibis – the ancient Egyptian symbol for the soul, aspiration and perseverance! Little did I know what I was in for – at least not on a conscious level!
In my relationship with Ibis, I was confronted with all the ways inside myself that I was Not Listening, paying attention, open, grounded, heart-centered, aware.
Through this struggle, and with my desire to find ways to work more harmoniously with Ibis, I sought out many methods and modalities.  In the process, I became a Practitioner of Tellington TTouch, a Centered Riding Instructor, a Brennan Energy Healing Practitioner, I learned to use essential oils and a range of other methods and modalities.  
I was filled with self-doubt, lack of self-trust, and I struggled to understand why Ibis and I had such a challenging time together.   

So, I understand if you have worries, doubts, and fears in learning to communicate with animals.

My own struggle is now your benefit!

Throughout these last 30 years, I have developed a series of techniques and strategies that worked, are time tested with myself and Ibis, and thousands of clients.   And now, I’m here to teach to you.

In the two day Awaken Animal Communication Event, I can give you in-person guidance to help you move through roadblocks typically encountered along the way to learning animal communication.  
I can help you develop your skills and expertly direct your experience. I intimately know the many roadblocks people encounter and have developed a deep understanding of the reasons for these blocks and difficulties. I also have developed strategies to move through them efficiently and effectively.
If you doubt the messages you are receiving, I can be there to listen along and support you. With my experience and guidance you can learn to open your mind and heart to animal communication, understand what they are saying, and deepen your own relationship with the animals you love.


So, What Exactly Is the Awaken Event?

The Awaken Animal Communication Event is a Two-day In Person workshop filled with discussions, presentations, exercises, and experiences that will inspire, educate, and train you, walking you through a process that will empower you to:
If you want to deepen your connection with your animals, integrate animals communication into your career, and learn to unlock the profound inner powers you’ve always had then I can help.


Two Day Overview:

DAY ONE “The Awakening”
Combining lecture and discussion with practical step-by-step experiences

DAY TWOThe Communications
Combining lecture and discussion with practical step-by-step experiences


Are You Ready To Awaken Into Your Natural Abilities
October 3rd & 4th, 2015?
Here are your three opportunities explained.


#1 – General Admission Ticket
This ticket gets you full access to 2 full high-content days of easy Animal Communication systems and secrets, INCLUDING checklists and step-by-step strategies to begin enjoying the deeper relationships that you crave.
Before we begin on Saturday morning, join in a meet-and-greet, where you can get complimentary coffee, tea, juice, and light breakfast goodies. We’ll be open from 8-9am. This will be a good time to network, make valuable contacts, and to meet like-minded new friends.
#2 – Add a VIP Ticket Upgrade!!!
(You’ll have this option at the checkout of the General Admission ticket)
Ready for more networking, collaboration opportunities, and connections with amazing VIP’s, potential friends, and cohorts?

Take advantage of everything the VIP Ticket upgrade has to offer, which includes…

#3  Bring A Friend!
This is a wonderful opportunity to bring a friend, family member, co-worker so you can learn together.


Which of these ticket packages do YOU most want?

What’s Included
General Admission

VIP Upgrade

Admission to 2 Day Event checkmark checkmark
Opportunity to Bring A Friend checkmark checkmark
Continental Breakfast & Delicious Beverages both days checkmark checkmark
Your Own Personal Workbook Filled with Course Content, Checklists, Resources checkmark checkmark
Access to Bonus Saturday Evening Training on “How To Work with “Anxiety in Animals”
x checkmark
Special Private Catered Dinner with Sandy on first evening x checkmark
Priority Seating x checkmark
Event VIP Recognition & Fun Surprises x checkmark
3 Bonus Q & A Support Calls with Sandy After the Workshop x checkmark



Time and Date:
Saturday, October 3rd 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Sunday, October 4th from 9:00 am – 4 pm

Hilton Homewood Suites Charlottesville, VA
(a block of rooms are reserved at the Hilton Homewood Suites & Hampton Inn, info sent to you after registration)

More logistics information below.

Register Now $397
One Payment


OR, Register Now 
for Two Payments of $225


 Reserve your spot early to save!

Class size is limited, and this event is expected to fill up quickly!
Plus, You Can Bring a Friend For Just  $97
Why not invite a friend, colleague, work team member or even your spouse/partner to attend The Awaken Animal Communication Event 2014 with you? 
This way, you can travel with someone you know and share this amazing workshop with the people who support you the most.  This can be critical to your ongoing success. 

NOTE: The Bring a Friend Option is available on the “Thank You” page that you will see once you reserve your workshop ticket.


Guarantee-Money_BackOur 30/60/90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that what you will learn at this workshop will take you to the next level of your abilities to understand your animals and communicate with them that if, at the end of the first day, you feel like I’m not delivering what is promised here on this page, you can choose to turn in all of your materials, leave the event, and ask for a full 100% REFUND.

No questions asked…that is my guarantee!


Attending the Awaken Animal Communication Event 2015 is for you if you are:

I encourage you to think about where you are in your life and work right now with your animals. Are you going to let yet another year go by without turning your dreams of communicating with your animals into a reality? 
Isn’t now the time to finally take steps to understand and create exactly what you want in your relationship with your animals? 
Are you ready for a step-by-step process – the one I use all the time as I enjoy a full-time practice doing what I love most? 
Ready to take those same strategies and tools into your own life and work? 
I am ready to share all of this with you!
I am thrilled to bring this to you LIVE and IN PERSON!
Let’s Go!
SR HaleyTo Living Your Best Life, With The Animals You Love,

Sandy sig green




P.S.  There’s more logistics information below


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Listen to what others have to say:

Charlotte copy“Working with Sandy has changed my entire life. Learning to communicate with Charlotte, my dog, helped open up a new world to me. The work improved her life a ton. I’m not sure she would have made it to 16 1/2 without all the energy work, TTouch, essences, and oils….and I’ve gone from feeling morose, unmotivated, and aimless to feeling as though I have a purpose, much more hopeful, and the most driven I have felt since I was 18. And because of my learning from Sandy, I am now able to help other animals, too – and that seems to be what I am happiest doing.” ~ Kristin Neubauer, Journalist and Dog Mom



Devin Williams
“Something special that has happened with an animal since the beginning of class was the bond that I have formed with Lady, my horse. It actually started right after the Awaken event and has since strengthened. The first time I connected with Lady, right after the Awaken Event, I had told her I was going to the barn soon and I would spend time with her. When I got to the barn, Martha was grooming her and said Lady had been looking for something the entire time. I approached them, and Lady immediately lowered her head and rested it by me. I received an image of me riding her and she told me she would take care of me.  Since then, Lady continues to look for me when I tell her I’m going to the barn, and calms down almost immediately when I spend time with her- even when Geisha, our other horse, is not around, which is a big deal for her. 
Another time that stands out is when I was feeling very down one night. I was lying in bed and suddenly felt Lady with me. I fully connected with her and she started telling me about how I had made her feel better several times and that I meant a lot more to people than I thought. It was one of the clearest conversations I had ever had with an animal, and I fell asleep in a much better mood soon after.” ~ Devin Williams, Tennessee 


 “My greatest insight from our session this week was working with connecting to my own energy and coming into alignment. This is the most rewarding exercise I have ever done. Amazing how that brings clarity. Just starting to put all these things together is very valuable for me. I was most impacted when you said to bring sacredness to my daily practice. Much food for thought.”
~ Vicki Farthing, DVM, Dog, Cat, Horse Mom



ellens dog“ Sandy opened my eyes and heart into viewing “things differently” in our world. Through her, I have learned how to understand my dogs in a way that I never thought possible. I have more understanding, therefore more patience for our most loving companions. It has definitely made me a better person and I believe a better trainer.”
~ Ellen Broomfield, Dog Trainer



Logistics Information:

Saturday, October 3, 2015 
Doors open at 8am for Check-In;
Complimentary Coffee, Tea, Fruit and light foods and snacks served

Meeting Hours of Event:
General Session: Saturday 9am – 4:30pm
VIP:  5pm – 8:00pm  (Dinner and Advanced Training) 

Sunday, October 4, 2015
Doors Open at 8:30am
Complimentary Coffee, Tea, Fruit and light foods and snacks served
Event hours:  
General Session: Saturday 9am – 4:o0pm


Continental breakfast and beverages will be provided both days
with fruit and an assortment of bagels, muffins, coffee and tea.

Lunch on your own.  You will be provided with ample breaks to have lunch at local
restaurants, or bring your own.

Dinner on your own, except those taking advantage of the VIP ticket.  
See below.

If you want to avoid the hassle of finding dinner the first day, 
consider our VIP Upgrade which includes dinner with Sandy on
Saturday for networking, fellowship and, an amazing advanced training.

Hotel Information:
Please note that this is an extremely busy time in Charlottesville.  
I recommend you book your room as soon as possible!

A block of rooms has been reserved at 2 hotels until September 2.
1) Hilton Homewood Suites Charlottesville (Event Location)
$219 King Suite

2) Hampton Inn of Charlottesville
$149.00 Single/Double occupancy
This hotel is next door to the Event location and an easy few minutes walking distance.

Travel to Charlottesville, VA is easy!


The event location is in Charlottesville, VA which has a lovely, small airport 5 minutes
from the event location at the Hilton Homewood Suites.
Airport Code is CHO

Richmond International Airport is 1.5 hours driving distance from Charlottesville, VA  
Airport Code is RIC

• Dulles International Airport is approximately 2 hours driving distance from Charlottesville, VA (longer with traffic)
Airport Code is IAD

• Reagan National Airport is approximately 2.5 hours driving distance from Charlottesville, VA  – Airport Code is DCA

• If you are staying at the Event Location, The Homewood Suites, there is a shuttle to and from the airport.

BY Car

The event location and both hotels are
on Route 29 Northbound side.

Easy access from routes 64, 250, 29 and 81.

Car Rental

From Charlottesville Airport, you can rent a car.  There is alot to explore in and
around historic Charlottesville.

THere are multiple taxi services to hire just outside of the airport. 


Greyhound and Amtrak have stations in downtown Charlottesville. 
Call the hotels for shuttle service – or Taxi service to the hotels.
The stations are within 10 minutes of the hotels and event location.

Clothes:  Casual and comfortable.

The weather in early October in Charlottesville is often spectacular –
dry, ranging from 60-80 F degrees during the day and dipping to 40-50 at night.  
However, as you know, you never know these days!
And, weather can vary greatly so please check weather reports prior
to travel to check on current weather.

Inside the building the temperature may be cool.  Please bring a sweater for inside.

There is a beautiful, large patio right outside our meeting room with lounge chairs – 
and a fireplace!

I look forward to supporting you on this journey!

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