Jitter Busters For Pets

Discover Magic Secrets to Creating
Calm, Courageous and Confident Critters…

…with Breakthrough Strategies to Quickly Ease Anxieties, Stress and Fears for your "Fraidy Cats, "Fearful Fidos" and "Horses with the Heebie-Jeebies"

Announcing an empowering opportunity to learn with Sandy Rakowitz….

Holistic Wellness Home-Study Training Series

For YOU To Learn How To Help Your Animals
Be More Courageous and Confident

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Designed for everyone who has an Anxious or Fearful animal ...

Want to Ease your dog, cat or horse's stress and anxiety? 

While Deepening Your Bond,  
And Creating More Harmony in Your Home? 

So you BOTH get to feel empowered?

This training course will benefit you whether you have had animals all your life, are a first time animal person, or if you are an animal care professional.  

Even seasoned animal lovers need help with stressed and anxious animals sometimes!

This training program is now available to you as a complete self-paced self-study course.

This illuminating, unique training includes all Step-by-Step Instructions, Power Point Classes, Audio, Handouts, Checklists, Assessments, Quick Reference Guides, with Bonus fully illustrated 74 page Companion Workbook Guide, Video Demonstrations, and more…

...all personally taught by Sandy to help YOU develop Empowering and Effective, tools you can use immediately - for any and all of your animals - or with your animal clients.

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Are you someone who has a dog, cat or horse
who is shy, fearful or anxious?

Are you tired of not knowing how to help your dog
calm down when scared?

Have you ‘tried everything?’
...But nothing has worked yet to help your animal
Not Be Scared?


I know how frustrating it is to have a dog, cat or horse who is constantly shying, spooking, shaking, vocalizing, antsy… fearful, not relaxed, not calm… it's so challenging!

I know how scary it is to not know what else you can do to help your beloved animal.
You love them, and you want them to be happy, confident, brave, well adjusted.

You’ve tried traditional approaches, and nothing has worked…

Many Traditional Training Approaches do not take into consideration KEY FACTORS about what allows relaxation in the body and mind, or what keeps you on alert and that keeps fears pumping with 'bad' or challenging behaviors.  

In this course, you'll learn effective steps and strategies to help your dog, cat or horse's brain, mind, emotions and body work TOGETHER in harmony so that new calm behaviors AND courageous learning can occur and confidence emerges.

In this Holistic Wellness Training Series you will learn 
How to develop skills using a variety of time-proven, easy-to-learn, holistic and natural methods that give you a solid base of tools to use with your dogs, cats and horses.

You will get skills to help animals who are afraid of sudden, loud noises like thunder, for those who are not confident with strangers or in new situations, and who are fearful of going to the vet, or not confident in other scary situations.

Sandy has been successfully using these methods in her private practice and teaching classes in these methods for 33 years.  Now you can learn from Sandy too...

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The Holistic Wellness Training Series gets you started using:
 3 KEY Holistic Methods:  Tellington TTouch, Essential Oils and Flower Essences.

Each method in and of themselves is a powerful and effective tool to helping your animals live more confidently.

* Simple Techniques anyone can do to groom your pet without hissing, growling, trembling, or stepping on you.
* Creating a "Calm Zone' for your highly sensitive pet so they won't freak out when going to the vet or new places.
*Understanding what's behind your pet's fear... and specific ways to help them switch from cowering, trembling, even biting..... to calm, courageous, confident, and listening to you!
*Why it's critical that you surround yourself with people who want you and your animals to be successful!

Additional, unique features you will get with this training series;


Step-by-step instructions in combining Tellington TTouch, Essential Oils and Flower Essences together in order to enhance the level of effectiveness of each method.

right_arrow_teal The KEYS to understanding WHY your animals are behaving the way they are behaving
right_arrow_teal THE REASONS traditional methods do not often work to effectively calm, relax or create confidence without any lasting effects.
right_arrow_teal WHY your animal does NOT LEARN new behaviors easily when they are fearful…
right_arrow_teal And, most importantly, WHAT YOU CAN DO to help your animals learn more easily, be more relaxed, feel more confident, and to find their courage.


About These Natural, Holistic Approaches:

Tellington TTouch is a gentle, non-invasive hands-on approach that are easy to learn. TTouch uses a combination of circular hand movements, lifts and strokes that has been very successfully used for over 40 years with animals and people.

Tellington TTouch is much More Than Just a Training Method. In addition of learning 6 Key TTouches that you can immediately use with all of your animals for to positively influence behavior, learning, health and performance for all your animals... and you too! 

TTouch is successfully used around the globe to help animals learn more readily, focus more easily, enhance movement, feel safer, become more confident, happier and more well adjusted.

Essential Oil Uses with Animals

Essential oils have been used since ancient times for physical wellness, emotional restoration, mental clarity and to uplift the spirit.

Sandy has created the Jitter Busters Method of Using Essential Oils with Animals for:

essential oil blend

Easing Anxious Behaviors

right_arrow_teal Calming From Loud Noise Situations
right_arrow_teal Enhancing Muscle Function
right_arrow_teal Proper Digestive Function
right_arrow_teal Immune Function
right_arrow_teal Shelter Animals to be more readily adopted and to adjust more easily to their new lives once adopted
right_arrow_teal Elder Animals with typical physical, cognitive and behavior aging related issues
right_arrow_teal And any situation where the Nervous System needs Support and Enhancement

In this course, you’ll learn 4 Key Methods of Essential Oil Applications for Emotional Balance,
including Sandy’s Unique Jitter Buster Method for Calming with Essential Oils.

You’ll get step-by-step instructions on which essential oils to safely use, steps of application, amounts to use for dogs, cats, horses, frequency of use, and so much more.

Flower Essences Uses with Animals

Flower Essences have been used since the early 1900’s for enhancing emotional and mental well-being. Originally developed by a physician, these vibrational flower infused liquids have become an integral part of Sandy’s private practice with animals around the globe. These remedies create a powerful synergistic support for creating confidence and courage with your critters in addition to the uses of Tellington TTouch and Essential Oils.

At the end of this program you and your animals will have deeper sense of confidence, trust and safety in everyday life. You will have many tools and methods from which to draw from and use with your beloved furry critters. These are invaluable for animals at home, vet visits, being out in life, and for any kind of animal related professionals.

Each class is easy to access for you to learn at your own convenience and speed.

"I am so thankful that I signed up for this course.  I have been waiting for something like this and having it offered online made taking this course possible.  Sandy is an inspiration and a terrific educator.  She helps making healthy changes for our pets and ourselves possible.  Not only did I learn to use TTouch, Essential Oils and Flower Essences, but I also learned more about myself.  I gained confidence, and acceptance of where my pets 'are' and working from their level of need instead of a predetermined goal.  Small steps became huge steps with changes.  And, my relationships with my pets were enhanced.  Thank you Sandy for providing your knowledge and skills for us so that we all have healthier and better relationships with our pets."  - Genie McFall  - KY


What’s Included…

Over 6 hrs of course presentations to help you to create calm and peace in you favorite animal friend using methods that you can put into practice as you listen with your dogs, cats, horses.



Downloadable MP3 Audios for each class

right_arrow_teal PowerPoint Presentations
right_arrow_teal Handouts for each class
right_arrow_teal Checklists
right_arrow_teal Assessments


Plus Bonuses!!

right_arrow_teal Special Q&A Session – Sandy answers all the most common questions about Jitter Buster Methods & Techniques
right_arrow_teal Demonstration Videos
right_arrow_teal Previously recorded Q & A Session
right_arrow_teal Fully Illustrated Workbook Companion Guide
right_arrow_teal Four Electronic Quick Reference Guides on using TTouch, essential oils, flower essences
right_arrow_teal Private Website Membership Site for 24/7 On-Demand Access so you can study at your own pace and timing
right_arrow_teal Additional Resources if you want to take this further


What You Will Learn:

6 hrs of course presentations to help you to create calm and peace in you favorite fuzzy friend using methods that you can put into practice as you listen with your dogs, cats, horses.

Lesson 1: Triggers that Cause Jitters

Discovering What Drives Stress, Fear, Panic

  • How to identify physical and behavior symptoms of anxiety that may have been overlooked and not understood
  • Assess anxiety levels in your animal
  • Identify & Rate Stress Behaviors
  • To Track Triggers & Escalation levels
  • Typical Recommendations
  • To Retrain the Nervous System to support long lasting behavior changes
  • Tellington TTouches to begin calming
  • To Identify what methods are working and why
  • How to Apply TTouch Wraps for stabilizing, creating a sense of security, safety, for quieting and calming
  • To identify environmental stressors for keys to physical and emotional balance
  • To create your action plan for implementing all you’ve been learning

Lesson 3:

Breaking Through Fears for Emotional Balance using Essential Oils

  • Why use Essential Oils with animals
  • Key Ways to use essential oils with cats, dogs, horses
  • "Under the Hood' of Essential Oils 
  • The importance of ingredient purity with animals
  • Uses for physical wellness, emotional restoration, mental clarity, uplifting the spirit, and more
  • Techniques to enhance and support a state of calm
  • Direct application options
  • Water based methods of use
  • Step-by-Step Jitter Buster Method with Essential Oils
  • Frequency of using essential oils during scary times, during moderate and extreme upsets
  • Ways Body Systems are effected with essential oils To Combine Tellington TTouch & Essential Oils for enhanced effects
  • How The Five F’s relate to behaviors, triggers and ways to calm and ease symptoms

Lesson 2: The Calming Touch

Ways to enhance communication with your animals

  • The importance of the primary message TTouch offers to the cells for enhanced communication
  • Learn important TTouch elements and how to influence the level of effectiveness of your TTouch
  • The about the connections between the ‘trust and feel good hormones’ of Serotonin, Oxytocin and TTouch
  • How the application of TTouch influences brain wave pattern balance and it’s importance on calming, relaxation, trust, bonding and enhanced brain function
  • The Frequency to use different TTouches during scary times, during moderate and extreme upsets
  • Answers to Frequently Answered Questions to help you assess what you can improve, and work on next
  • How to use TTouch wraps for calming and relaxation
  • Learn many uses of TTouch Wraps for scary times
  • Discover what’s next in your action plan

Lesson 4:

Advanced Techniques and Where To Go From Here

  • Why Flower Essence harness the unique healing wisdom of flowers, and nourish the body, mind, soul
  • Differences between Flower Essences & Essential Oils
  • The vibrational nature of flower essences
  • Key uses of flower essences for creating balanced states with your animals
  • Ways to rebalance the electrical system so animals can better process information and training
  • Key Uses and Application Methods
  • Frequency of using flower essences during scary times, including mild, moderate and extreme upsets
  • Learn Advanced Techniques - increase effectiveness
  • Assess what is working, not working
  • Ways to combine all you've learned for synergistic support on the physical, emotional, mental levels
  • Where to go from here
  • BONUS 5th Week with FAQ's, Illustrated Workbook so you can continue your learning anytime, anywhere.

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In order for you to learn all this material without the Jitter Busters Course, you’d have to take at least 8-10 private sessions.  The investment cost would be a minimum of $1700 for those private sessions.

But, after decades of teaching TTouch, Essential Oils and Flower Essences 1 to 1 in private sessions, Sandy is no longer teaching these modalities in individual sessions.  She wants to get these tools and practices out to help as many animals as possible.

This course brings together over 33 years of  wisdom through a synthesis of highly successful, holistic modalities... for you to learn from the convenience of your own home.


What are people saying about Sandy Jitter Busters methods?

"We wish we had learned Sandy’s techniques years ago! Now we see significant relaxation…and Charlotte is a much calmer, happier dog."

"We wish we had learned Sandy’s techniques years ago! Now we see significant relaxation…and Charlotte is a much calmer, happier dog."

"Charlotte used to hyperventilate and shake violently throughout thunderstorms, from the first rumble to the last. It was so bad, we actually worried she might have a heart attack at some point. We’d tried Valium and turning up the TV, but nothing really worked until we used Sandy’s thunderstorm-layering technique.

Now, we see significant relaxation once we apply the Rescue Remedy. And after adding the Tranquil and Valor essential oils, Charlotte lies quietly through the storm and is a much calmer, happier dog.

We just wish we’d learned Sandy’s technique years ago!"

horse dancer
Kristin Neubauer

"Lizzie has become a well-socialized, calm and responsive dog who no longer gets frenetic with new people, noises or situations."

Tonya sent this email within 24 hours of learning TTouch with Sandy:

"The person next door to us was outside. Usually that means Lizzie barks and barks and barks, and getting her to come back is a project. But yesterday was so, so, so different. Yes she did bark, but I kneeled down on the ground and said, “Lizzie, Here.” —and yes she did return. She didn’t want me to catch her right away—but she returned. This is huge. Normally she wouldn’t even hear me call her name.

And—- when I did touch her—- I did the ‘gum rub’ (mouth TTouches) and boy………. she seemed to forget the person was there. I was thrilled!!!!!!

Lizzie and Tonya continued learning additional TTouch and essential oil techniques for finding balance, focus and connection. Just months after she began with TTouch, Lizzie passed her Canine Good Citizen Test! Lizzie has become a well-socialized, calm and responsive dog who no longer gets frenetic with new people, noises or situations."

Beth Glass
Tonya Mohler

"Gracie did really well in that nasty storm last night! Amazing."

I thought I would send you some evidence that the Thundershirt is very relaxing! I’m sure this will now be just as exciting as the Ace bandages!!

I picked up the essences and we did TTouch with them yesterday. She really seemed to love it, so we’ll keep doing that daily.

She seems to enjoy licking the essence right out of my palm, so that seems like a great way to get it in her, especially for a vet visit. She turned her nose up when it was in her food, so I’ll stick with the direct method in the water. Thanks again."

P.S. A note from Sandy: Years later when Gracie came in after becoming blind in one eye, she had calmed and changed so much she seemed like a different dog, I barely recognized her.

Lisa Jones

About Sandy Rakowitz...

Sandy Rakowitz guides and trains animal lovers and animal care professionals to communicate with animals and learn holistic practices. As a highly attuned and experienced professional Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Transformational Healing Coach, Teacher, Author and speaker, she helps people access and develop their natural intuitive and psychic abilities, while awakening their life purpose, with the animals they love. Sandy trains Animal Care Professionals and animal lovers to move to the forefront of the Animal Communication and Holistic Healing Movement.

Sandy has synthesized Animal Communication, Brennan Energy Healing Science, Tellington TTouch, Essential Oil Aromatherapy and Flower Essences into The Awaken Training Series.

Internationally recognized, she has recently published her first children’s book that teaches Tellington TTouch called Nighty-Night Liza-Loo and Haley-Boo; as well as home study programs in Animal Communication, Animal Energy Healing & Animal Energy Anatomy, and Pet Hospice.

She has appeared on Public Radio and TV; Created and hosted Essential Oils 101, a series of Essential Oil trainings with animals; The Animal Heart Wisdom Show, interviews with experts in Holistic Animal Care; Founded Living Your Best Life Animal Communication Training and Mentoring Certification Program; and Creator of the Awaken Animal Communication Event. Sandy has been providing consultations, workshops, coaching and training in transformational healing with people and animals for 33 years.