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The Love Teachings of Magic The Cat

"You Are Enough.”

“Forgive Yourself."

“Live and Give From Your Strengths.”

And, as Magic says,
"Let The Gentle Breezes of Love Flow Through You."

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Magic has been sharing Uplifting, Life Lessons - Love Teachings!

horse dancer

Magic Contemplating Life at the Pond

Recently, my wonderful cat Magic passed away suddenly. This has been challenging in many ways of course.

Magic has been walking me thought these powerful times. Supporting me through this transition process.

Her teachings have made a big, powerful, positive difference in how I have been coming through this transition.

She has called me to stand firmly in the physical, with a deepening connection with her as Spirit, and to Bridge between Both Worlds for a more Empowered, Awakened, Life....

Magic is CLEAR...

...These teachings are for me to SHARE with YOU.

horse dancer

Have You Ever...

Closed your heart?

Blamed yourself for a situation?

Ever fallen down the rabbit hole of your negative Inner

"Self-Talk" with all the 'What ifs,' 'Should Haves,' 'If Onlys?'

Ever felt disconnected from a beloved who passed over?


Join us For the Uplifting "Purrrrr You Into Love,
Magic Cat Teachings


Magic has been Telepathically Transmitting Healing Information,
Timely Messages, and Specific Life & Love Lessons, with

Healing Ways To Be In Life.

She's asked me to Share these teachings with You.

Spirit animal Guide

As one of my very special Spirit Animal Guides, Magic has asked to call these Teachings, the "Purrrr You Into Love, Magic Cat Teachings."

Magic, as a Spirit Animal Guide, is calling Us All to Go Deeper...

...Deeper then Ever Before....
... For Your Ongoing Growth and Transformation.... 
... To Live with Greater Freedom...
... To Create Deeper Fulfillment...
... To FEEL You Are Enough...
... To Be Forgiving With Yourself...
... To Live, and Give From Your Strengths...
... Learn to Recognize Visits from Your Beloved Animals Who Have Passed Over...

This is all about The Soul's Growth.
Mine. Yours.

All of Ours.

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Magic's Teachings are an Expansion of my Mission

My mission has been:
"To cultivate the deepening of our connections with ourselves,
our animals, each other, and spirit, on all levels,
For individual and universal evolutionary expansion."

Magic is part of this mission.
I'm here to share Magic's Love Teachings with You.

You are Invited to Join in this Global, Unique, Illuminating, Healing Event
The Love Teachings of Magic The Cat

I'll meet you there for this Healing Event!

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"Dear Sandy,  Thank you so much for sharing this message from Magic.  I will remember her teachings and apply them often!  She is truly a special cat.  While I was listening to the message, one of my cats was showing me her love and purring as if she were feeling Magic's message as well.  The message is really universal and it seems if it is being said by all the spiritual teachings I'm receiving lately...thanks again Magic!  Love and Light, B."

About Sandy Rakowitz...

Sandy is the founder of where she has guided and trained animal lovers, animal care professional and those seeking self-empowerment through her content, products and certification programs.

She specializes in Animal Communication, Energy Healing with people and animals, Tellingon TTouch, Essential Oils and channeled holistic healing methods, including her Creative Journaling process and the Awaken Animal Communication Method.

She empowers people to access and develop their natural intuitive instincts and psychic abilities, while awakening their life purpose, along with the animals they love and have loved.​

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