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You have experienced success in your work and life. And, it feels like there’s so much more possible for you.You’ve hit an invisible “money ceiling” on your income that you haven’t been able to get past in order for you to make more money.

Perhaps you’ve also reached an invisible ceiling with your Divine Purpose - and just can’t create what you Truly Know in your Heart-of-Hearts is possible.

How do you breakthrough your Money Blocks so that you finally live YOUR PURPOSE to the FULLEST?

This webinar is specially designed to help you connect with Guidance from Source with the perfect,    in-the-moment messages from your Spirit Animal Guides about your relationship with money.

These messages will assist you in your Journey to Your Most Empowered Self.


Why explore your relationship with money?

Most people want more money to do things that are important to them like…

…Build their dream business…

…Send their kids to the best schools…

…Feed themselves and their animals the best,         healthiest food…

…Vacation in fun and exciting places…

…Pay off debt…

…Not live in a feast or famine mindset…

Spirit animal Guide

But all too often…

…People find themselves at a loss about how expand their money comfort zone in order to create and keep more money.

Money loves energy.

Money is an exchange of energy.

How you are in Relationship with Money, is

How You are in Relationship with EVERYTHING.


The more you understand about your relationship with money,

the more you can free yourself from that which binds you.

The more you can find freedom with money,

the more you can create freedom in the rest of your life.


Your Spirit Animal Guides will offer a perspective that will have specific meaning for you in your life at this time, that is very personal.

Create Your Own New Paradigm of Love. Give yourself these gifts of...

Connecting more Deeply with Yourself

Enhancing your Intuitive Powers

Receiving the Joy of Gaining New Perspectives

Connecting with A Spirit Animal Guide who will Join You for this Journey of Letting Go of Old Money Blocks & Stories, so that you finally give yourself permission to make more money

Leave the webinar inspired with keys to align your financial success with your personal growth

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It's time to break free from your money blocks and become the MOST EMPOWERED version of YOU.

Join Us, and Tap into Your Deep Inner Knowing and Intuition
with the assistance of Spirit Animal Messengers

Transform Your Relationship with Money to Help You

Let Go of Old Money Blocks

As you tap into your deeper knowing, affirm your intuitive nature, embrace your own psychic abilities - with a focus on your relationship with money - You'll get help to create an empowered, positive intention regarding money.


EMPOWER Yourself With Money

Create Your new Paradigm of Love on Valentine's Day

Free Webinar

Sunday, February 14, 2016

1pm EST / 12 noon CST / 11am MST / 10am PST

and anytime around the world

About Sandy Rakowitz...

Sandy is the founder of where she has guided and trained animal lovers, animal care professionals, and those seeking self-empowerment through coaching, her courses, children's book, and Animal Communication Certification Program.

She specializes in Animal Communication, Energy Healing with people and animals, Tellingon TTouch, Essential Oils and channeled holistic healing methods, including the popular Jitter Busters for Pets Program, Unbridled Awaken Your Vision Program, her Creative Soul Journaling Process and the Awaken Animal Communication Method.

She empowers people to access and develop their natural intuitive instincts and psychic abilities, while awakening their life purpose, in alignment with their core values, and the animals they love.​