Sandy Rakowitz is an award winning animal wellness, life and business coach and leader in Animal – Human Potential Alchemy around the world.

Sandy guides people to find their voice and realize their dreams through innovative Multidimensional Coaching, Animal Communication and Soul Power Programs.

About her background:
Since 1988, Sandy has studied and trained extensively with Linda Tellington-Jones and Tellington TTouch and is a very experienced TTouch Practitioner with Horses, Companion Animals and People.

TTouch is a specialized approach to wellness support and training with animals that is for people as well as with domestic and zoo animals. Used around the globe, this unique method is based on cooperation and respect and offers a positive approach to training, performance and wellness.

Sandy with Linda Tellington-Jones, Ibis & Zoey

In 1988, Sandy also began her studies with Sally Swift, founder of Centered Riding and quickly became a certified Centered Riding Instructor, Level 2. Sandy now incorporates the principles of centering and grounding techniques drawn from martial arts, body awareness, imagery and sports psychology into all of her work with people, horses, riders, dog, cat, horse handlers, entrepreneurs and for everyday living to facilitate a balanced, free and coordinated use of self in relation with other animals, people, and all situations in life.

Sandy sharing Essential Oils with animals at an Essential Oils Conference in NJ.

Sandy has an extensive training and experience in Energy Healing Medicine. She graduated from, and is a former faculty member with The Barbara Brennan School (BBSH) a global healing institute dedicated to the evolution of the human spirit.

This four year professional training program in healing and human consciousness is the world’s premier institute of hands-on energy healing and personal transformation. The specialized form of holistic support taught at BBSH is a hands-on system that works with an individual’s energy field, chakras, and consciousness system to support and enhance physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness and balance with depth, skill and care.

All of Sandy’s training has been tuned to listening to this universal language of sensory information with humans, energy fields, nature, animals and conscious awareness on all levels. All species communicate through a universal language and consciousness that can be tapped into through the sensory system. Through all of her training and studying with various Animal Communicators and by continuing to listen, receive information and learn through all of her senses, Sandy has honed her telepathic communication skills with animals over the years.

Sandy teaching at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in FL.

Sandy has been a pioneer in translating Brennan Healing Science to work with animals of all species and incorporates many leading edge holistic modalities to deepen and support our transformational wellness journey with ourselves and our beloved animals.

Sandy has also expanded into business coaching from a heart and soul perspective.  She is a Certified Coach in Money Breakthrough Method®,  Sacred Money Archetypes®, and is a Certified Money, Marketing & Soul® Coach.

Agility Dog Star giving thanks for receiving magic of TTouch, Essential Oils and BEMER!




Sandy is an author, teacher, coach and practitioner, Founder and Spiritual Leader of One Heart Healing Center who has worked with thousands of women around the globe.

She has worked with dogs, cats, horses, and many other species, taught hundreds of workshops on healing with people and animals through the past thirty years, appeared on Public Radio and TV; Hosted and Produced of Essential Oils 101, a monthly Teleseminar Series; The Animal Heart Wisdom Show featuring Holistic Animal Experts; Founded the Awaken Animal Communication System; is Creator of the Awaken Animal Communication Event; Founder of Living Your Best Life Animal Communication Training and Mentoring Certificate Program; creator of Jitter Busters for Pets offering natural, holistic solutions for reactive animals and many other transformative programs.

Awaken Animal Communication Workshop of Sandy’s in VA

Sandy’s clients and students have included healing experts and leaders, veterinarians, vet techs, animal communicators, dog, horse and cat trainers, holistic practitioners, energy healing practitioners, animal rescue organizations, SPCA’s, Therapeutic Riding Centers with people throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, UK, Australia, Japan, South Seas and Europe, and people just like you!


Sandy currently offers 1:1 private sessions and a variety of live talks, classes and programs both in person and online.  Get Started Here

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You have Helped Me Find My Strength

“My life is better, so much better, with you, Sandy Rakowitz in it!   That is so absolutely CLEAR!  You help me keep my life focused and moving forward.  Through our work together, I have changed.   I have grown.    I have moved forward in ways I would not have expected 10, 20, 30 years ago.   You help me to see myself through changed eyes.    I have no problem seeing my weaknesses.   You have helped me to find my strength when it has felt lost, to see the beauty of my path when my vision felt dimmed, and to recognize the truth — the sincere, gentle and powerful truth — of my passion.   Thank you for being my coach and my friend.  ~ Beth Glass, Wheelersburg, OH