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The gifts that animals bring to us, and ways they help us… even dare us… to open our hearts and enhancing confidence, performance, and health with your dogs, cats and horses are the topics in this radio interview with Sandy Rakowitz (pictured left) and guest host Jennifer Stover on the Congalton Radio Show.

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Interview with Joni Advent Maher of Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow on:
Breaking Old Unconscious Agreements – in this episode of Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow, Sandy Rakowitz shares her powerful experience of breaking old unconscious agreements that were keeping her small and caught in a financial struggle. Learn more about Sandy at
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We had such a wonderful conversation on the Live Onward Movement Podcast with Emily Harman
talking about “Truths that Will Set You Free.”

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Podcast with Easy Online Marketing & Maritza Parra:

Healing for Animals and Humans – Sandy Rakowitz of




I listened to your podcast on the Congalton show today. Bravo! You did a great job. It was an honor to hear Miss Ruby’s story referenced as an illustration of how a session and its followup can go, and what can be achieved with what seems like “so little.”

Here’s an update with Ruby:  The minute I TTouch her, she stops reacting.

I continue to see gains in Ruby’s ability to settle when a dog goes by the house.  The minute I TTouch her, she stops reacting, whereas before instituting the TTouches, she would stiffly tolerate the contact until it was over, and then pick up where she left off, often running downstairs before I could catch her to continue the super aggressive barking outside. With TTouch she seems immediately redirected to her contact with me.
Bev De Witt Moylan, Complimentary Healing Alternatives with Ruby, Los Osos, CA

I loved listening to all you had to say. 
“Sandy, I just finished listening to your radio show interview. You were absolutely great.  I loved
 listening to all you had to say.  I found this very interesting and informative.”  

Annette Picker, La Quinta, California

Listen in with Sandy Rakowitz and four other speakers with uplifting and inspiring Founder of TTouch, Linda Tellington-Jones. Hear inspiring stories about using the BEMER  vascular therapy for you and your animals to boost the blood flow, thus benefiting the body’s cardiac system, regenerative abilities, and even mental acuity for performance, health, and for life.

Sandy shares her experiences using BEMER with her elder horse for enhancing his health and strength.

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Top photo: Sandy Rakowitz & Ibis
Center photo – Sandy Rakowitz with Linda Tellington-Jones