Join Up with
Your Spirit Animal Guides

Illuminate your Path,
Clarify your Soul’s Direction
& Enlighten
your Relationships

Healing Event – Online

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Are you struggling with some aspect of your life

Shed light on your Path,
Get Clarity and Support in your Relationships 

“Sandy, as I listened to the Spirit Animal Guide class, I received the perfect responses for my current predicament.

Maybe the most intriguing experience for me was noticing the subtlety and immediacy of the responses. Definitely not from my thinking brain, and totally instantaneous.

My mind tried to discount them at first but I leaned into it with your guidance and have a wonderful, completely personalized, inspirational touchstone to keep me centered and on my path.
Thanks for this healing event.  ~ Joy F

This is a powerful time of new beginnings…  

…a potent time
to tap into the energies of creating anew,
shifting direction,
moving stagnation,
gaining new insights and understanding.

Animals Lead us into Nature… and Stillness…

…I awoke early one morning to this new moon over the hills.
My cat Cassia jumped up on the window sill, peering into the early morning light.
Guiding Us…

Contact with nature,
animals and lunar cycles
are Doorways into connecting with your
Spirit Animal Guides, 
your Divine Guidance…

Tuning into Guidance
can be sought for any aspect of your life…

…For Insights from Challenges to Joys,
To Illuminate your Path,
Clarify your Soul’s Direction,
& Enlighten your Relationships.

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to walk through this gateway

Use these potent energies

of New Beginnings
to contact and join up with
your Spirit Animal Guides…
this may be one of your beloveds who has passed over.

Ask your animal guide your most pressing questions
and about your health, pain, angst, anxieties, stuck places,
gifts and strengths. 

Receive important insights
to your most pressing questions,

including health, relationships,
your life’s path and gain 
assistance in creating the shift you crave.

Meet up with Spirit Animal Guides
for this magical journey into nature

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In addition,
you will also hear about Sandy’s
 empowering Live training program to Thrive in your Life…

…where you will dive into practices to support you
in thriving with your animals, your purpose, your life,

rendezvousing further with your guidance. 

About Sandy Rakowitz:

Sandy specializes in empowering people to access the Divine Spark in themselves, and ‘All-That-Is’ through Animal Communication, Energy Healing with people and animals, Tellingon TTouch, Essential Oils, Money Empowerment, Life & Business Coaching plus channeled holistic healing methods, including her Creative Art Journaling process and the Awaken Animal Communication Method.

She empowers people to access and develop their natural Intuitive, and Deepest Knowing, while awakening their life purpose.

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