Mustang Magic Medicine & Miracles

Next Level Leadership, Communication & Community.
No prior experience with horses needed.

March 23, 24 & 25, 2023 – in person
San Luis Obispo, CA
PLUS a Powerful Online Meeting


You are powerful
beyond what you can imagine.

Let the Mustangs help you
Step into Your Power & Freedom to discover your sacred leadership keys.

Email Sandy for registration – Click Here
(A portion of the proceeds goes directly to Return To Freedom Mustang Sanctuary)

Join us for Life Changing, Transformational Experiences so you can:
Claim the Powers of your Intuition.
Release  patterns  of  control  and  resistance
that  delay  fulfilling the plan of your soul’s purpose.
Empower the Sacredness of Your Own Unique Leader within.
Cultivate Your Soul’s Purpose and Highest Envisioning of Your Path.

You Will Be Lead Into:
Emotion-Shifting &
Thought & Belief-Shifting Practices.
Learning Compelling Lessons from the Wild Ones & Nature
Unlocking the Uniqueness of your Sacred Leadership Style
Step-by-Step Techniques in One Heart Awakening Methods

We’ve had a very rugged few years.
There have been so many difficult circumstances to navigate.
So many have felt Grief,
Helpless and Powerless.

Safely Spend time with a Herd of Wild Mustangs
in a Free and Natural State
as a Remedy, and for Re-Weaving the Fabric of Your Being.

Experience your energy, thoughts, heart and mind expanding
into a more Coherent State of Being
Creating Profound Heart & Spiritual Clearing & Openings.

Every Animal Species carries “Medicine for Well-Being.”
Learn the Magic Medicine of  spending time with the Mustangs
in their natural and wild state.
No Bridles, No Saddles, No Riding.

Any interaction that might occur is based solely on Trust,
and is totally by choice of the Mustangs.

& Restore Yourself
Through Your Deepest Core Self. 

Marlene with Mustangs at RTF
Marlene with Mustangs at RTF

Each internal shift ripples out and creates more good in the world.

Opening – Our First Powerful Meeting & Training Together is Online

We will be Purposefully Creating Magic
 an extraordinary, beautiful influence in your days.

Day 1 in person
9am – 5pm –
This is a sample daily schedule & may be adjusted
We will meet in person in gorgeous San Luis Obispo, CA where we will:

Experience, and Be the Medicine:
Medicine is something that affects well-being.

DAY 2 ~ at the Mustang Sanctuary, San Luis Obispo, CA
8am – 5pm
This is a sample daily schedule & may be adjusted
The Sublime Second Day is spent directly with Mustangs!

We meet at Return To Freedom Mustang Sanctuary in San Luis Obispo, 2,000 acres of magnificent Heaven-on-Earth.

We will spend time with, and connect with Mustangs:
A mustang is a horse born in the wild, or whose parents and their ancestors were born wild in western US lands.  

These are non-domesticated, untrained horses.
It is a privilege to spend time with them in a natural and free state
on this gorgeous land overlooking hills and ocean.

Day 3 ~  in San Luis Obispo, CA
9am – 4pm
Day of 
Integrative Deepening

Completing our Powerful Training Together – Online

Experience the Medicine:
Something that affects well-being


Not Included:
Transportation to and from the event and Sanctuary are not included.
Hotel is of your choice, and not included.
Recommendations given upon registration.
You will need your own car transportation.

Important Notice:
All parts of this event are outside, both seated and walking.
We will be walking up and down hills at the Sanctuary. Moderate Fitness level recommended.
We will be following the current CDC and San Luis Obispo County health recommendations.

Ready for this healing adventure and life changing weekend of transformation?

Let’s Go!
Begin Your Magic Mustang Medicine & Miracles Journey Now!

Email Sandy for registration 

I’ve been talking with the Mustangs in this Sanctuary.
Here is their Invitation to you:

“Join us in the herd.  
Drink in the land beneath your feet. Feel the wind along your skin.
Feel the sun shining on you, here, where the air is clear.
Walk with us.
Just be.

You will know who you are as you walk with us.
Be Lead.
Be Still.

Be Kind.
Be True.
Be You.

Walk into the simplicity of being, with us walking beside you.

We are here to help you,
Not judge yourself.
Walk into your heart.

Walk into yourself.
We are here, just be with us.”

Let your Magic Mustang Medicine & Miracles Journey begin!

Key Points of this Weekend:

  1. Focus:
    Focusing your mind & emotions into what is most desired, most needed, most dreamed
  2. Re-Weaving into your Magnificence & Wholeness: 
    Re-Weaving what has been torn, wounded, un-well, difficult so you can find and experience your deepest core-self
  3. Finding Your Medicine:
    Discovering the Divine, Holy Medicine most needed for yourself, and within your life – these are like Upgrading your Human Operating Systems
  4. Walk into the Sacred:
    We walk into the sacred meaning for you, and for all of us together.

A little bit more about these 3 days:

We have all experienced difficult times.  These past 2 years in particular have been rugged.

We are honoring the sacred within that is the fabric of life for us all.

We are all walking together, and at times, alone.  Yet we are all joined in our humanity, and in our connection with nature, and animals, the Mustangs, Spirit, and through our hearts and through our conscious awareness.

We come together into One Heart as we walk, creating new Sacred Designs of Life.

This Mustang Magic Medicine & Miracles weekend is for:

You do not need to have any horse experience.  There will be no riding or handling of horses.  Just connection and observation.  

Horses open hearts,
empower and uplift us.

Wild Mustang Christo talking with Sandy Rakowitz -Mustang Sanctuary in California

Horses show us:

About Sandy Rakowitz 

Sandy found a wild, magic freedom with horses as a teenager.
She discovered an unspoken, intuitive language of trust, rapport and opening into a sense of connected oneness.
Her wildest dreams were inspired by her experiences with horses….Dreams she is continuing to bring into manifestation…and which creates an extraordinary life.
Motivated and driven by these connections and dreams, she has been creating an extraordinary life for decades.
Sandy has been professionally guiding, teaching and sharing ways to tap into these profound connections with animals, people, nature and Source for over 40 years.
The mustangs embody freedom, connection, family, rapport, harmony and wildness.   Most of the mustangs at Return To Freedom Sanctuary where we will be visiting were born wild in open lands of the US.  Their parents and ancestors born wild. They were torn from their land and family.  They’ve overcome extreme hardship, and now are thriving.
Humans can learn from them about moving through trauma into trust while reweaving a new life, free and whole.
Sandy Rakowitz offers next level animals communication and connection as an expert animal communication specialist.

Do you have any questions?  Please Email Sandy – Click Here