One Heart Journaling Series

Discover What Your Heart Has Been Trying To Tell You

A Creative Soul-Art-Journaling-Transformation
4 Class Self-Study Series

Your Heart has invaluable, intelligent information waiting to be accessed. 

Yet, most people compare themselves with others, look to others for answers instead of listening deeply inside.

Or they just go along with how things are, never fully satisfied.

This results in never tapping into their own profound WISDOM.

LOOKING inside your heart to find those desires takes bravery.
We are going to do this together in the One Heart Journaling Series.

We have all had losses of many types through the last years, including not letting in your heart wisdom.

There has never been a better, more important time to tap into your deepest dreams then now…

What you desire, long for, crave to create…
…is possible.

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In the One Heart Journaling Series you will be guided step-by-step.

Explore energy, light, color and shadow to unlock messages of your own wisdom.

Find empowering messages waiting to be discovered, seen, heard and expressed.

Learn your own Wisdom to help you tap into the flow of your own creative nature and navigate your life more fully.

Lesson 1 – Energy:
What does your heart really want?
What has your heart been trying to tell you? 

There are important messages trying to get your attention through your heart and mind…from the Highest Vision of Your Soul.

Everything is Energy, and energy is everything – including emotions and thoughts – even the messages of wisdom inside your heart waiting to awaken.

These messages are filled with Medicine from your Soul.
There is always a higher consciousness deep inside your heart and mind. For everyone.

Messages of Wisdom are filled with information and perspectives that come through Energy, Light and Color frequencies – all with healing medicine just for you.

Your heart, your soul, needs to know, feel and find expression.
These are your deep longings, desires, dreams.

To help you discover what your heart has been trying to tell you, we will be moving energies – inside and around yourself with the help of the Akashic Masters and Healers.

This is the One Heart Healing approach to discovery, exploration, healing and transformation.

The Akashic Masters and Healers are Spiritual Beings of the highest and most radiant light who are here to support you and your soul in the deepest of healing.  They know your soul history.

Most people only connect with them at death transitions to review and clarify your life.  They are now accessible for deeper understanding, clarifying and profoundly deep healing in creating what your heart deeply desires in life.

“Thank you so much for todays class Sandy. (Class 1: Energy)  My heart is so happy and my mind at peace.  Fears I didn’t know where still there appeared and made peace today. 

Thank you for the healing work today as well. I did not expect that and so much resonated with me.”  ~ Jana Wagner, Pennsylvania

The classes include uplifting group healing from the Akashic Realms clearing accumulated pain and patterns that are common for all.

This opens and gently begins shifting sticky places hiding the depths of your heart’s longings so you can look inside to hear, feel and see the medicine inside your heart with greater clarity.

You will be lead through connecting with your own energy and messages of your heart through very simple art journaling using watercolors, or whatever writing or coloring tools you have on hand.

I know there is Joy inside

“As I began to paint there were waves & layers of emotions.   I am here because I know there is joy inside.

By Natalie M.

I didn’t realize how much sadness has been layered on top.  It felt good to paint even if my first impulse was to judge what came out. Although newly acquainted with paints they feel like trustworthy & forgiving friends. 

At some point I didn’t feel like the painter anymore. An expansive, loving energy comforted me with the message “just keep going.”

I kept painting after the session.  It feels good to keep going.   Thank you Sandy for leading, guiding, inviting this creative space to connect to our hearts.”    ~ Natalie M. California


Lesson 2 – Light:
What else is waiting in the wings of your heart to be expressed through you?

There is more than you ever realized waiting to come out.
Yet, most people are living half a life.  So they are not even looking at what they want.

Many don’t think what they truly want is possible, or think they don’t deserve it.

There is unresolved Grief and Pain when you haven’t been listening to or believing what your heart really wants, shrouding and buffering your light.

So most people aren’t even willing to look.

They shut off or dim their desires, staying small and hiding their light.

Your Heart, your Soul, WANTS YOU to shine, and express yourself even more fully.

You will be lead through simple, easy to do steps to draw or paint with watercolors in connection with your heart.  People are amazed at the ease they are able to create in this class.

If you could have anything, be anything, what would it be?  

Let’s venture inward, into the sacred chambers of your heart and find out what has been waiting in the wings of your heart.  

by Nat

Calling Myself Back

“I am Calling all of myself back, letting go of what’s not mine, finding balance, creating space for strength & healing, responding in loving kindness, knowing light always returns, inviting the dreams waiting in the wings into the physical realm.” ~ Nat – California




The One Heart Journaling series is a beautiful, sacred, safe space
for you to discover the light of your heart.

Join Us

I appreciate this new outlet
“I came into the series wanting encouragement to be more creative.  
This has been such a pleasure to be in your OHJ series.  Thank you for getting me back to color and creativity to express my heart and inner wisdom.   I’ve been trying to get myself more organized and simplified for awhile.  At present there is so much happening in my body and the world that I appreciate this new outlet to dive into.  
Many, many thanks and appreciations for You, where your path has taken you, and the sharing and caring you give.”  Namaste,  Ruby, Maine

Lesson 3 – Color
Add More Color to Your Life.

Color holds frequencies and healing energies.

You’ll paint with simple shapes and beautiful colors putting marks on the page, to visually and creatively see what is in your heart’s desires.

You will create your own unique visual language where new ideas are sparked.  Learning to trust what comes to you, and what comes out on the page is healing medicine for all.

The colors and shapes will help you recognize and process emotions.

The HeartSelf process I walk you through helps you access information in new ways.  Guidance will come to you.

This can lead to “ah-ha” moments when a new way to be or look at something suddenly becomes evident.

No previous painting or art experience is needed.  This is not about the art.  Even if you don’t feel you have a creative bone in your body, you can do this.

 This is about  your heart.  

The messages from your higher consciousness are waiting to awaken.
This is about the energy, light and color in your heart.

You can do this!

‘My Aha’s, ‘Trust the Mess, trust what comes up, and keep going. This goes for all of Life!’ ~ BJ, 


Lesson 4 – Shadow
What are the things that stop you from living your heart’s desires?

Things that stop you, stuck energy from old stories, patterns and pain gets dragged around. Filled with old, outdated energetic cords, constraining patterns, socialized habits and thoughts.

Through this series and using my HeartSelf Process, You will get to know what you want and what has
been getting in the way.

You’ll have recorded it on the page using a simple yet powerful method. And you will learn step-by-step how.

LOOKING inside your heart takes bravery. We are going to do this, together.

That’s why I recommend you come inside,

by Jana Wagner

You do not have to do it alone.

Most people fear their shadows and the depths within..
Yet, there are gems, treasures of wisdom and healing waiting for you.
The highest vision from your Soul is beckoning you, now.

I didn’t love today’s shadow topic but my horse Chip is walking me through it.  Thank you so much for the class this week Sandy. My heart is happy and content.”
~Jana Wagner – Pennsylvania


There has never been a better time to do this with the pandemic, stay at home orders, economy and uncertainties of the world.  We have all had losses of many types through the last year.

What is included:

About Creativity in the One Heart Journaling Series

This is super simple creativity that anyone, of any age can do.
Even if you do not feel you have a creative bone in your body,
You Can Do This.

I will show you how to do this.
One Heart Journaling,

It’s fun,
It’s relaxing,
It’s insightful,
It’s transformative.

You Can Do This…


After enrolling in this series for only $97, you will receive by email all the class recordings and materials.  You can watch at your own pace from any of your devices that can stream video.

Schedule time in your calendar to watch each of the powerful classes. Follow along with the step-by-step HeartSelf Process and Awareness Activities just as if you were with us live.

Discover What Your Heart
is Really Trying to Tell You.

Hosted by One Heart Journaling University

About Sandy Rakowitz

Sandy Rakowitz is founder of One Heart Healing Center.  She has been helping people know what their hearts are really telling them and to live from their heart-center for over 30 years in 1:1 consults, groups and  unique healing adventure programs.

Sandy is a certified, award winning Business, Life & Money Breakthrough Coach, with 30+ years as Practitioner in the Healing Arts – with people and animals. 

As a graduate, former faculty of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Akashic Records & Healing OHJ Heart SpiralsConsultant, Tellington TTouch practitioner with horses, dogs, cats and people, and Animal Communicator she has developed over a dozen holistic healing programs helping people and their animals develop skills to reconnect with their deepest desires.

She is the creator of One Heart Journaling, a unique approach cultivated through her personal development and creative work.

Sandy has built a healthy and consistent multiple six figure business in the spiritual and healing arts without over-giving or over-working.  She brings that personal experience and expertise to her clients who want personal transformation and healing for themselves, and in the world, while creating true abundance through deep, meaningful and impactful service.

After the One Heart Journaling Series, Jana Wrote:

by Jana Wagner
“I began the series with a desire to feed my creative and artistic aspect. I’ve been craving a return to art. 

Through the series, I was able to allow the flow to come through me during the process.  Instead of a sense of overwhelm of the process stopping me, it flowed.   It was huge for me to be able to watch what unfolded as I created and listened during the series. “
~ Jana Wagner, Pennsylvania
by Kathy Bower


Through this class I want to feel Safe to share creations from the heart, even though I’m a beginner.
Kathy Bower, California



by Deborah K.


“What an amazing class!
Loved imagining the transition between shadows and light.
It was a joy of an experience to be in the Journaling class!
Sending you much love and appreciation” 

~Deborah K. Virginia



I Feel Like I Have Won a Lottery Ticket

“Sandy adds a gentleness to the process of working with business and money. Usually dealing with money gets my back stiff and I am defensive. This gentle process is really helpful, I feel like I have won a lottery ticket!”
~Kris O., Bailey, CO



No Longer Debilitated by Grief
“After the death of my spouse, I am not debilitated by my grief anymore.
Your teachings have helped me think about grief in new ways, and Live in new ways.
Thank you Sandy and Ibis!!” 
~ Penny, Nashville, TN


OHJ Pink HeartNew Boundaries
 “Normally I absorb too much from others. For the first time while talking with my ex, I had boundaries in a way that was new, and has not been normal for me. I was not overly connected.   It was very calming.”
~ Aria, Silver Spring, MD


OHJ Red pink indigo SwirlNo Longer Invisible
“I am talking with people and sharing again. I am getting positive feedback, I am not being invisible. I am dreaming again. I am remembering my dreams. I am able to take action for the first time in years. 

I used to over give and then got burnt out on caring for others.  Now I am giving to myself in ways I haven’t been able to, ever. Thank you Sandy.”
~Alicia, Charlottesville, VA