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  1. Full Access to the One Heart University Community Group to connect with, meet and share with others around the globe who believe in creating a better world with animals, people and nature.
  2. A New Animal and Nature Adventure Virtually with Sandy Rakowitz as your Guide.
  3. Fun and Engaging Activities with you and your animals each month activities.
  4. Holistic Care Tips for You and Your Animals
  5. Access to One Heart University Classes & Programs at the Founding Member Price of 10-20% below the non-member price. 

PLUS as a LifeTime Founding Membership, you will also get:
1) Swag Bag of Gifts – Specially made for OHU Lifetime Founding Members with fun and useful swag!
2) OHU Previews & Insights from Behind the Scenes with Class & Program not seen anywhere else
3) Participation in the Inaugural Council of Spirit Animals Heart & Soul Activation Journey
4) 50% off of one OHU Class in 2021

Additional Benefits to LifeTime Memberships:
– You lock in your membership price permanently
– You have continuous, uninterrupted membership to the University
– You further support our lift-off into a Universe of Learning for People and Animals

LifeTime Membership is only $3,970 – Click Here

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Wild Mustangs on Sanctuary in California