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Do you feel:

Let’s expand awareness to see what is possible
as we tune into the spiritual realms, also known as the multidimensional world.  

The One Heart Council of Spiritual Guides has this message for you:

We are all points of light across time and space.
You just happen to be in physical bodies at this time.
We of the Council are not inhabiting physical bodies.
Some council members have been in human form. Some have not.

We speak to those who listen.
We are present all the time.

We seek to speak with those who desire to open
into new realms for evolutionary growth across species, time and space.

You seek a larger awareness, and here we are.
We seek to share with humans through time and space.
This is the inspiration, and the vastness of our exploration!”

The Council continues in their message for you:

“Through the episodes in the series ‘Tuning into The Multidimensional World,’ we will show you ways of opening across dimensions to inspire, awaken and affirm your own experiences.

Sandy will share experiences with you from the consciousness of elephants, whales, horses, dogs, cats, and many others to see from perspectives beyond the physical realm and which will awaken and affirm your own Soul Searching.

You’ll get an insiders view of Sandy’s journeys – through her heart, to the stars, across the dimensions of all of our connections which knows no bounds of time and space.

Awakening into this consciousness is part of your soul’s destiny.
Sharing this awakening is our gift to those who are also seeking to open.

Awaken to the realms and opening of the spheres as never before.

“You are a receptor.
The more you allow,
the more we will share. 

We are speaking for all of consciousness,
all that is good and true,
and for
 all who open their hearts and lift their minds.

You are right on schedule.
Do not fear your way, or your place.

As you walk with us,
and we walk with you,
We stand with you.

We are with you.
We are you,
As you are us.

We meet across time and space.
We are your messengers.
You are our messengers.

We are co-creating together.
Journey on with us.”

©Sandy Rakowitz 2019, All Rights Reserved

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About Sandy Rakowitz, your Host:
Animal CommunicationSandy Rakowitz is founder of One Heart Healing Center is dedicated to sparking divine expression and
 cultivating a deepening of connection with yourselves, your animals, each other and Source for individual and universal evolutionary expansion and growth.  

For those who want to go deeper, further, faster click here to contact Sandy to apply for a MultiDimensional Strategy Session.  We will assess and diagnose what is happening, where you want to go, and how I can best assist you.