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Laughing Together: Ibis & Sandy Rakowitz

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Together as a Team!

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An Animal Communication Message from Ibis, the Horse, The Connector and Transformer of Hearts:

“We are here to remind you of what is possible.  
Let your hearts and senses expand today.  
Allow your perspective to Let Go.  
This is Our Plan with You, our reason for being here.
There is much more to life than the physical.  
As you Awaken to Messages carried with those of us in animal forms,
and with the Consciousness available to All, 
in Every Aspect of Living, 
The more pleasant and and enriched will be your experiences.
Speak with your animals and believe they understand.
We, the animals, are not limited.  And neither are you.
Of course we understand.

When Sandy began asking me deeper questions,
I came forth.

Our relationship took on new meaning.
Preparation was needed with much deep work.

You are all Treasure Chests
of more profound understanding
with more abilities than you could each even imagine.

Seek, and you shall find.
And that which seeks you, shall find you.

Awaken my friends.
This is only the Beginning of our Journeys Together.
Thank you all for coming.
Your Animals Thank You.
We thank you from those of us beyond the physical realms
who seek to communicate with you ALL the time.

Open, and you shall find what you seek.
Join us in your journey with your own animals.

Your Love, and Our Love is Eternal.”
© Ibis and Sandy Rakowitz, 2020, All Rights Reserved

I received this message the week Ibis died on 11/11/2019.  He has asked me to relay this message for you as an additional gift of learning and insight into the depths of what is possible when you journey together, soul-to-soul with your animals with our Awaken Animal Communication Methods we have created together.  

He wants you to read, hear and feel this message for you on your journey with your animals to help you expand further into the deeper realms of your hearts.

All of my animal communication offerings have been co-created with Ibis over the years while he was in his body.  He was 37 when he died.  We had 32 years together in the physical.  Our collaboration and connection continue to expand and grow since he has passed.  

Join us in your animal communication journey beginning with this delightful, simple, yet profound package of goodies made especially with you in mind.  We have so much to add to your journey.  We look forward to meeting you along the way.

After you receive your free gifts, you will also get notices of our new weekly series on Tuning into The Multidimensional World, and how to work together.

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About Sandy Rakowitz

Sandy Rakowitz, founder of One Heart Healing Center, is an award winning, Multidimensional Coach who guides and trains animal lovers and animal care professionals to communicate with animals, learn holistic practices and deepen their connection with themselves, animals, nature, and Source. She helps people access and develop their natural intuitive, creative and psychic abilities, while awakening their life purpose, with the animals, life and businesses they love.

With over 30 years of professional experience in the Healing Arts, Sandy trains Animal Care Professionals and animal lovers to move to the forefront of the Animal Communication and Holistic Healing Movement through 1:1 sessions, coaching programs, classes, articles, and speaking engagements online worldwide, and locally through the wild and wonderful California Central Coast.