Simple Secrets To Ease Your Pet’s Anxiety

Effect Positive Change with Your
Animal’s Behavior!

Learn effective, easy to learn and use tools to shift behavior and ease fears.
Give comfort, positively effect anxiety, with an easy plan to use.

NEW online Free WEBINAR – with LIVE Demo that you can watch!

Now Available On Demand 
Until Wednesday June 15, 2016
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Got a dog, cat or horse who:scared-horse

Is Your Pet often or always:

Or, Maybe they’re:

scared-cat-fadePerhaps they don’t like:


Have you ‘Tried Everything’ to help these issues?

In this webinar you will:

 You Can Effect Positive Change with Your Animal’s Behavior to Ease Fears and Anxiety!

Simple Secrets to Ease your Pet’s Anxiety
– This is NOT your regular Webinar –

SPECIAL FEATURE: LIVE Demonstration with Sandy
She will Show you Live, so you can literally see on the screen what these secrets look like while she is working with an animal, addressing ways to Ease YOUR Pet’s Anxieties.

Join us for this unique opportunity to watch and learn live,
from your own home, with your beloved pets nearby.

Simple Secrets to Ease your Pet’s Anxiety
Now Available On Demand 
Until Wednesday June 15, 2016
(Registration below)

Stacie shared this right after learning these simple secrets:
“I just had to reach out and tell you that in less than 24 hours from learning your simple tools from last night’s class, I am noticing some major changes in my relationship with my doggy Sammie! As matter-of-fact, we just had the best experience on a walk since I have had her! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.”

Janice from Charlottesville, VA said this about the webinar,
“The information you presented was very helpful.  I enjoyed hearing your stories.  Your description of your early days with your horse was especially touching.
I look forward to using these tools with my dog on a regular basis and seeing
the changes.  After trying out the methods you presented, my dog was 
resting much more comfortably.  I think we will both sleep so well tonight!
Your new class sounds amazing, and so thorough.  
thanks so much.”



About Sandy

Sandy Rakowitz

Sandy empowers people to access and develop their natural intuitive, creative and psychic abilities, while awakening their life purpose.

Sandy is the founder of  She has guided and trained animal lovers, animal care professional and those seeking self-empowerment through her classes, products and certification programs. 

She specializes in Animal Communication, Energy Healing with people and animals, Tellingon TTouch, Essential Oils and channeled holistic healing methods, including her Creative Journaling process and the Awaken Animal Communication Method.


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