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How does the University work?
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Every Month has an Animal Connection Focus through these activities
All Virtual (unless otherwise noted):

Here is How to Gain ACCESS to the Monthly Adventures and Fun Activities:
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Once registered, you will be emailed the link to get full access 24/7 for one full year, (or upgrade to special Founding Lifetime Member).  You will get the link to join the OHU Private Community. Once you are in the Community you can meet other members, their animals, and join me on these and other animal and nature connection adventures – each month!  

How will you get access into the adventures?

These will be live-streamed, or on Zoom, or, via Video, depending on weather and internet connection

Marlene with Mustangs at RTF
Marlene with Mustangs at Return to Freedom

wherever I go.  We will be on the search for whales, mustangs, visit unique animal sanctuaries, and search out truly special places in nature – every month!

Can’t make the live events  but want to get the experience?  

No worries, the recording will be in our private group to view over and over whenever you need another dose of connection with the ocean and whoever we meet along the way.  

WHY Join the University?

What are all the Activities and Adventures that Happen?

1) Animal and Nature Adventures
I will take you on new animal and nature adventures to explore our extraordinary connections through our hearts and souls. (virtually)
– These are not just scenic tours, or watching a Live Cam that is stationary.  These are healing, exciting, inspiring, calming, expanding, deepening experiences.

2) Fun Activities for Connection 

There will be FUN, get to know you and your animals activities.  In these times especially, the core thing I hear people talk about is needing connection and community in ways that feel safe.  

… I hear all the time from people who’ve been in groups of mine and say they keep in contact with their group, and have developed life long friendships…  

… I pride myself in creating environments that feel safe, and encourage connection…you can engage as much or as little as you like.

…All classes, livestreams and adventures are recorded so you can watch later at your convenience.  

Though it’s especially sweet when we connect together and get to know each other with our animals.  

3) Monthly Holistic Care Classes for You and Your Animals

In our private group, each month you will get a focused class, and tips to support all of your family.  This will be interactive so you can ask questions and receive helpful information.

Get holistic tips on issues like thunderstorm fears, to separation anxiety, to reducing stress, to a simple way to release oxytocin – the Feel Good neurotransmitter and hormone that’s sometimes called the ‘Love Hormone,’ Respiratory, digestive issues and more… 

… there’ll be fun surprises and new experiences added in throughout the year.

4) Classes and Programs
As a Founding Member, for ALL classes and programs offered, you will also get a special Founding Member Classes included in our private group, and for programs that go into more depth, you will get  the Price of 10-20% below the non-member price.  

Here is there RECAP of all you get as a Founding Member 

  1. Full Access to the One Heart University Community Group to connect with, meet and share with others around the globe who believe in creating a better world with animals, people and nature.
  2. Animal and Nature Adventures Virtually with Sandy Rakowitz as your Guide.
  3. Fun and Engaging Activities with you and your animals each month activities.
  4. Holistic Care Tips for you and your animals
  5. Holistic Care Classes for you and your animals
  6. Access to One Heart University Classes & Programs at the Founding Member Price of 10-20% below the non-member price. 

REGISTER Here and become a One Heart University Founding Member for 1 year – Click Here – only $397
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When you join in now, you lock in your price, and can meet us right away in the group so you can start off meeting mustangs at the sanctuary living free on 2,000 acres, and meet marine life from the boat  – starting today!!! 

Our purpose is to serve and teach with the 5 C’s as a guide:

We recognize the power of working with animals to help humans and animals understand new ways for self-care, connection together, and, deepen trust, and to negotiate team building- with your animals as co-partners.  This benefits the human-animal bond, helping harmony in households, in vet office visits, in training situations, socializing with other animals.  

The benefits to negotiating conflict in new ways goes far beyond the the immediate pet partnership, and shows us how to negotiate in communities and beyond with human relationships as well in business and all areas of life.

Animals are often misunderstood.  Many end up in bad domestic situations and shelters. 

Enhancing kindness with animals creates a better world with enhanced personal relationships with animals and within a households.  This ripples out into the community and among all people.  

Opening minds and the ways in which people think creates resiliency.  Opening to a new perspective, like seeing life through the paws of your furry friend also opens hearts.  

How you see yourself, ways you view each other, how you relate to nature all grow and evolve.  

Creative solutions are more readily sought for and reached when understanding another’s perspective other than the limitations of your own viewpoint.  

This is a movement that reaches far across the country and world across all divisions, to find our common ground where kindness, understanding, respect, compassion and harmony are key.   

This used to be considered ‘lofty idealism’ that was out of reach and unrealistic. Now, this philosophy are ideas whose time has come. This is the trend of humanity now.

Since Covid, the world has come to new understandings of the importance of connection with self and with one another as community.  We have seen the importance and need for kindness to reach across the heart and soul of all people, all species, technologies.  Animals, nature and the earth itself are key.

About One Heart University Founder, Sandy Rakowitz

Sandy Rakowitz has been at the forefront of innovative ways of celebrating the human-animal bond with educational excellence as author, speaker, artist, dog and horse trainer, and in teaching connection across species and dimensions.  She has been offering classes, group programs, online shows, blogs, articles and private 1:1 consults for four decades as founder of the award winning business, One Heart Healing Center.

Sandy Rakowitz and her One Heart Healing Center are thrilled to be partnering with One Heart University on this history-making expansion in creating One Heart University.

OHU provides  excellence in education and unique experiential immersion learning opportunities for everyday ‘Best Friend Pet Partners’ to live their most fulfilling and fun lives together.

One Heart University includes departments with introductory through advanced virtual classes, programs and experiential learning adventures.  There are also unique opportunities for In-Person Immersion Destination Adventure Experiences with Animals across the USA and overseas.