Animal Energy Systems and Anatomy
Get Either Class, or Bundle them together.  All with Audios & Workbooks

Learn easy, step-by-step ways to enhance your animal’s health, behavior and wellness with easy to learn energy techniques.  

You can learn to unlock secrets about your animal’s energy field and chakras for health
while connecting more deeply.

We are all on a journey of co-creation, and our ANIMALS
are part of this partnership.

Join one of the world’s leading Animal Communicator, Energy Healers,  & Human Potential Alchemists to learn animal energy healing secrets for you and your animals.  

These Animal Energy System Training Secrets
could be the missing link to you finding your way in life with your own animals

Learn to work with your own animal companions and
Add skills to support your private practice as an animal care professional.

Understand, read and balance your animal’s chakras and energy field while tapping into your natural healing abilities.

In Class 1
‘Discover Your Animal’s Energy System:

Learn About the Energy Field & Chakras of Your Animals’

You’ll learn:

Energy Class 1 Audio – Discover Your Animal’s Energy System is 1 hr. 41 min. and the Companion e-Workbook is 33 pages.

In Class 2
‘The 3 Best Ways to Read and Balance
Your Animal’s Energy Field’

You’ll learn:

Energy Class 2 Audio 3 Best Ways to Balance your Animal’s Energy System is 1 hr. 19 min. and the Companion e-Workbook is 36 pages.

In these ground breaking, insightful classes, you are learning to positively influence, harmonize, and balance the energies surrounding both you and your animals to clear, ground, stabilize emotions, behaviors and health.

Get Both classes with insightful, easy to follow ways to:

Through these classes you will have new tools to support the health and well-being of your own animals and client animals.

Learn the basics from an Energy Healing Master
in this Animal Energy Systems and Anatomy 2 class series.

Sandy trained with the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (1991-95) as a student, and then taught at the school for an additional 6 years (1995-2001).   This is a premier 4 year professional training program in energy and consciousness with humans.  

Sandy applied each and every technique learned throughout her four years at school with her horses, cats and dogs before beginning a full time practice with animals and people.  

Her animals proudly say they were her research assistants.  Sandy is one of the only graduates of the school to have created a long term, full-time, thriving healing practice with Animals of all species, And with People.

With both Energy Healing classes you’ll get:

Symbol - MP3 DownloadTwo Important Introductory Training Classes via Audio with over 3 hours of instruction. Learn by listening to classes recorded live with Sandy teaching you.  You will get an MP3 audio recording delivered to your computer. You can listen and start learning right away. 


Two Companion AC 1 of 2 Combined Book-CDe-Workbooks with 69 pages of enhanced transcripts of each class.   Helpful study questions walk you through the exercises with easy to follow steps.  

Both Audio classes and workbooks for each class are delivered together to your computer so you can follow along with the training visually right away!

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Animal Energy Systems and Anatomy is an invaluable resource offering simple, easy to follow methods to help you and your animals to mutually heal and grow together.

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What people are saying about the Animals and Energy classes with Sandy:

My dog was completely relaxed, even when I stroked her legs!

Charlotte Relaxed“Thanks for your class on Energy Balancing with Animals!   I just listened to your webinar – Wow….it is so packed with information.

I tried one of the techniques with Charlotte this morning.  She almost immediately stretched out and closed her eyes – a very different reaction.

Usually, she’ll accept petting for a minute or two, but then moves away – especially if we stroke her legs.

This time, however, she looked very relaxed, so I paused for a few moments and then stroked the air around her about an inch away with the back of my hand.  She stretched again and moved around so I could get her other side.   After a few minutes of that, I paused again, let her absorb that. Then I tried stroking her directly with the the back of my hand and she loved it. Stretched out, eyes closed, completely relaxed, even when I stroked her legs. What a difference! I stopped there for today. Thank you for such great information!
Kristin Neubauer

“I am listening to your class on Energy Systems now. I really appreciate you putting this together for us. I DO feel connected to all our pets, dogs more than cats.  The timing of this webinar is … uncanny.   Since we have 4 dogs (Pit, Husky, Carolina coonhound mix?, Pug) there are very different personalities.  This is helping me with each of their differences.  Thanks again for the webinar!  I love it!”
Elizabeth DeArmond

My horse was so relaxed.
Bear and Kristin copyI just worked with one of the horses after listening to your 2nd Energy Balancing Class.   He didn’t pull back or anything when I went to his shoulder as he often does. He accepted it.

And then I worked all over his back, rump and tail and he stood beautifully still, head down and he too had dropped way out of his sheath. And THEN, I took the mitt off and tried working along his back, with my hand, like in your class – he loved it. He was so relaxed. Typically he does not like bodywork along his back. I was so excited!I Thanks again!”
Kristin Neubauer

About Sandy

Sandy Rakowitz, Animal Communication and Transformational Healing Coach guides and trains animal lovers and animal care professionals to develop their natural intuitive and psychic abilities, understand their animals viewpoints, learn holistic wellness methods and awaken their life purpose.