Big Cat
Animal Communication Adventure 

Four Days of Empowering
Animal Communication 

‘Talking’ with Big Cats
at Big Cat Rescue & Sanctuary



Join this Magical Journey 

Engage your Heart & Mind with these Magnificent Beings and your Soul’s Wisdom.


– Be INSPIRED by communicating telepathically with Tigers, Lions, Leopards, Cougars, Lynx, Jaguar

–  GATHER important messages from Big Cats with guidance for your life’s purpose and navigating daily life

– ENJOY the expertise of a Big Cat Guide, and an Animal Communication Mentor 

– DISCOVER Your Big Cat ‘Totem Medicine’ – Unique for YOU 

– INDULGE Your Creative Expression. Create your own Big Cat ‘Power Medicine’ Art Journal to take home.

– EXPERIENCE the Serenity and Peacefulness of the Big Cat Sanctuary

–  SAVOR the Thrill of being in close, intimate contact with these magnificent Big Cats

Take a Peek into this Adventure
with the Big Cats & watch the video…

Join this Mystical Journey
into your own Heart & Soul
through the Eyes and Hearts of the Big Cats.

Learn to communicate with Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Lynx…

Photo by Sandy Rakowitz

Your Unique Big Cat ‘Power Medicine’ 

Photo by Sandy Rakowitz

INDULGE Your Creativity

DATES of the Big Cat Animal Communication Adventure

Due to current travel conditions, this is now a VIRTUAL Retreat – Dates TBA

Details about your Four Transformational Days:

Photo by Sandy Rakowitz

DAY 1 ~ The Fun Focus ~
9am – 5pm

DAY 2 ~ The Fantastical second day ~
8am – 5pm

Day 3 ~ Taking your experiences into the sublime ~
8am – 5pm

Photo by Sandy Rakowitz

Day 4 ~ Integration Time ~
8am – 5pm

BONUSES for Your Big Cat Adventure:

Included in our days together:
* Entrance Fees, three private guided group tours at Big Cat Rescue
* Full participation in learning Animal Communication with the Big Cats
* Discovering your Big Cat Spirit Guides
* Creating your own Big Cat Book to take home with you
* Yummy snacks
* Delicious lunches
* Private Group Transportation between the hotel and the Big Cat Rescue Sanctuary

DATES & Times:

No Food, Hotel, Travel Expenses!

REGISTRATION will re-open in summer 2020 

Please Email with your questions.
or Call 434-996-3595 to set up a time to talk.

Image by Big Cat Rescue

About Big Cat Rescue and our Private Tours:  Big Cat Rescue is home for about 50-60 lions, tigers, leopards, lynx, cougar, bobcat and more.  

Big Cat Rescue is the world’s largest accredited sanctuary dedicated entirely to abused and abandoned exotic cats.  

All the cats in this sanctuary have been saved from abuse, neglect or abandonment.

These cats are extremely well fed and cared for, receive daily enrichments and tremendous TLC and space to move around, shelter.  They get to choose if they want to interact with you or not.  These big cats cannot be returned to the wild.  If they have to be in captivity in the U.S., this is a truly wonderful place for them to be.  

For the Virtual Animal Communication Retreat, we will be viewing the Big Cats remotely.  More details forthcoming.

Three Big Cat Animal Communication Tours are private and exclusive just for this Animal Communication Group.  Each is led by an experienced and passionate Big Cat Rescue Guide along with Master Animal Communicator & Guide, Sandy Rakowitz.  This gives the opportunity to get the inside scoop on the cats. You are able to ask as many questions as you want. Three visits gives you plenty of time to spend with numerous cats and dive into connecting with a variety of the big cats.

Dutchess Tigress. Photo by Sandy Rakowitz

This is our 3rd Big Cat Animal Communication Adventure at Big Cat Rescue.  In our first two seasons, every participant Loved the experience.  

In our first year, when I asked for suggestions to enhance next year’s adventure, the main thing they ALL suggested was to spend more time with the Big Cats and to go back to the Sanctuary more than once.  The next thing they also desired was more time refining their animal communication skills.  We did both in 2019, to rave reviews!  We added a sunset sail on Tampa Bay that everyone agreed was super relaxing, and helped them integrate their experiences with the Big Cats even further.

When I asked the Big Cats themselves if they wanted us to return in 2019 for another time, they all said, ‘YES.’  When I asked the Cats what they wanted during our return – they also said “MORE TIME” with us.  They loved our communication times together.  

And so in 2019, we had THREE visits instead of only one.  I extended the time together to 4 full days to soak in these special and very unique visits together, plus dive more deeply into the skills of animal communication.

In 2019, we had so many unusual and unique opportunities:

 We applied our skills for an extremely shy Bobcat who had recently arrived and had not been

Singing for the Tigers

showing himself except for eating meals.  Within a week after our visit, he began coming out and not only showing himself, but looking rather confident and relaxed!

One of the Tigers had not been feeling well for quite some time and had had surgery for Cancer removal.  We felt that he was in his end-of-life process.  We spent time with him, and decided to sing  for him, offering prayers for him, and all of his dearly loved caretakers.  He passed away peacefully the following week.

These are only two of the many very sacred experiences we had together with the Big Cats in 2019.  We look forward to seeing what magic is around the corner for our 2020 visit.

Pictured above, Dutchess is gazing adoringly at one of her keepers. We were talking about their mutual connections and communication together.  This is one of many priceless, and totally endearing times with the big cats, many of whom are especially expressive and interactive. (They are really quite extraordinary!)

You will be guided throughout our time together, and provided an educational experience that includes the plight of big cats in the wild, in captivity, and what you can do to save them.  

You’ll learn the background stories of the cats we visit, see the incredible care they now receive…ask all the questions you like… …and receive messages just for you from these magnificent and wise beings.

Being in the presence of just one of these magnificent animals is a profound experience.  Having the opportunity to be in close proximity with numerous big cats, of different species, in a peaceful sanctuary, and interact with them in gentle ways which seek understanding takes the animal communication experience to new levels.

Previous participants in the Big Cat Adventures continue to comment on ways they are drawing inspiration and strength from their visits with the big cats in 2018 & 2019.

Join Us for the Big Cat ‘Animal Communication’ Adventure


Please Email with your questions.
or Call 434-996-3595 to set up a time to talk.

About Sandy Rakowitz, your ‘Animal Communication’ Adventure Specialist

Photo by Kris Heimstra

Sandy Rakowitz, founder of One Heart Healing Center, is an award winning coach who has been a professional Animal Communicator since 1995.

She is a graduate (1995) and former faculty of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (1995-2001), a Tellington TTouch Practitioner®, for nearly 30 years and has been working closely with Linda Tellington-Jones, founder of Tellington TTouch Method, a certified business, marketing, money and soul coach, and has taught across the U.S. 

Rakowitz is a highly skilled Teacher, Author and Practitioner who has developed over a dozen empowering in person and online programs to learn Animal Communication, Energy Healing, Pet Hospice & End of Life Care, Money Mindset & Empowerment, and other Holistic based practices and programs with people, animals and their businesses.

Photo by Anne Snowball

She is currently collaborating with Linda Tellington-Jones, founder of Tellington TTouch in groundbreaking, global online Self-Care programs directly connecting with and listening to the Divine Spark, Source Intelligence in every cell in your body.

In December of 2018, Sandy traveled to Thailand with a small team of people to bring an innovative medical device enhancing circulation, TTouch and Animal Communication to work with elephants inured by stepping on land mines at the world’s first Elephant Hospital.

The Big Cat “Animal Communication’ Adventure is one of her many innovative programs to deepen connections with self, animals, nature, others and Source for personal transformation and the evolution of humanity.

© Sandy Rakowitz, One Heart Healing Center, LLC. All Rights Reserved, 2019-2020.

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