Holistic Wellness Tips for Shaking and Trembling in Older Dogs

Do you have an older dog that has begun shaking or trembling?

Have you been unsure what to do to help your faithful companion?

Here are Holistic wellness tips to help you feel more empowered!

First, check with your vet for an underlying medical cause. 

Things to check:

  • Support Body Temperature: Sometimes the dog is actually cold.  Check the temperature of your dog’s ears.  Are the ears cool or cold?  This can be a good preliminary way to check body temperature.  As dogs age, some are not as able to regulate body temperature.  Make sure they are warm. Sometimes they need a blanket, increase the heat, make sure there is no draft where they are lying down.  Check even when we think they should be warm.  I have seen older dogs with long full coats be cold on days that seem warm to us. Even when this never used to be a problem for them earlier in their lives.
  • Maintain Blood Sugar levels: When was the last time your dog ate?  Smaller, more frequent meals may be needed for dogs as they age to help them maintain blood sugar levels.  We don’t often think of Low Blood Sugar for dogs, but see if more frequent and smaller meals are helpful.
  • Ask Your Vet about Pain & Discomfort: Chronic low-grade discomfort can build up and add up and more easily generate shaking as a dog ages.  
  • Alleviate occasional nervous discomfort:   A shaky nervous system can get more easily activated as they age.  In other words, as they age, they may simply be more sensitive then they used to be.  Try the next tips listed.
  • Leaving the Body: This one is not something you might typically hear about and may sound a bit weird for some people.  I have seen some dogs partially leaving their body to check things out in the spiritual world as they age.  Some dogs are not always so good at navigating all the way back into their bodies after this little ‘adventure.’ An energy healing ‘tune up’ combined with animal communication can be helpful.  How to do this?  Click for more info.

What Can You Do to Help?

  • Tellington TTouch can provide support for the nervous system, enhance body awareness, support well being – in other words helping them ground in their body again.  Any of the TTouches can be helpful here, especially; Ear Strokes; Clouded Leopard Circles: TTouch Body Wrap
  • Essential Oils: Valor, a few drops of this essential oil blend can be wiped along their back for overall energy enhancement. White Angelica, an exquisite blend that gives a sense of protection.  Assist in alleviating occasional irritability with a few drops on your palm then wiped down their back, legs, chest, shoulders.
  • Flower Essences Green Hope Essences has some great essences for animals in their wellness line for animals. All my elders have been on this combination: Senior Citizen – helps adjust to changes of elder years and Transition – great long before they are ready to actually leave.

Getting Professional Help

  • Energy Healing: As we age our physical bodies ‘just ain’t what they used to be.” Energy Healing can clear, ground and strengthen our physical body. Clearing through Energy Healing is like getting a ‘tune-up.’
  • Animal Communication: Having a ‘Chat’ with them via animal communication about the process they are in and what is happening, and, find out from their perspective what they are experiencing. This can go a very long way in helping both the dog and the person to better understand what is happening.  This can be comforting for the person as well as their animal. How many times have you felt better after talking with someone who really listens, reflects things back to you, and helps you get clearer on what is going on?  Same thing here with Animal Communication.


Set Up A Consult

Sandy Rakowitz of One Heart Healing Center helps people and their animals resolve conflict, assist communication, enhance wellness and deepen bonds with one another. She has 20+ years experience in the field of Holistic Wellness.

Mentoring People and Animals for More Vibrant and Inspired Lives!



  1. Cathi Byers says

    What qualifications are needed to become become an ITouch healer and what is the best way to observe the field of animal touch and healing?

    I am seriously considering taking the needed course work required, and enter the field . My love and empathy for all creatures is subtlety drawing me to this life changing field of animal healing


    Cathi Byers

    • Sandy says

      Hi Cathi,
      Thanks for your interest in Tellington TTouch. You can become a Practitioner of Tellington TTouch with Companion Animals, Horses, and Humans in three different programs. The requirements for becoming a Practitioner of the work vary between each. For details please go to TTouch.com for more info, a list of upcoming events and trainings around the world. I hope you will join us to listen to the creator of Tellington TTouch, Linda Tellington-Jones. See http://www.OneHeartHealingCenter.com for registration for this free event. Thank you! Sandy Rakowitz

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